Welcome to my Chautauqua,

My name is Tod Faasse, I would like to mention my Cherokee heritage, my love for alternative medicine as well as writing, all seems to be rooted in it. This heritage reminds me how important the written language is. The Cherokees changed the world in a positive way in many ways If it were not for their written language they might have been exterminated into the lost annals of western history. In a way it is the written language that kept them alive. Without the written word cultural connections are lost for ever, and the valuable the lessons they would have taught us.

That must be why I am constantly writing new books on Self Health, Self Wealth and Self Wisdom, as I’ve coined it. Writing is my way of sharing my culture. Most people don’t stop to think that they have a personal culture. Sometimes as American people we seem void of culture these days, nothing feels grounded anymore. it is our personal cultures that affects the world view, that is if you have one.

This Chautauqua is the story of my journey, of our journey, from personal culture to global consciousness. I expect this will be constantly edited for a while, as it evolves, and good writing should evolve. At least until its good. I am proud of our Amerindian and Cherokee heritage. Primarily, because this country was their home for hundreds of thousands of years, back when it was pristine. Back when everything here was respected as sacred, the air, the sun and the earth and all life on earth was seen as interrelated and vital. The Amerindians lived in harmony with their resources as we should look to them as an example in this way today.

It was my Cherokee grandmother who first taught me of the body’s natural healing powers, our connection to our environment through our foods and the medicinal uses of plants.

When I was a young lad, back in the 1960’s, I promised my self that I would uncover the hidden healing secrets kept within our Mother Earth. I believed then and still do now, that every disease or ailment can be corrected and lasting wellness can be restored through natural means.

After more than 46 years of extensive personal research, I have discovered viable cures and remedies exist for all disease and suffering. These are natural peaceful solutions the Federal Drug Administration, international Codex Alimentarius and government sponsored Big Pharma will do anything to keep you from having. We’ll touch more on this later.

As I tell my story of our spiritual interconnectedness I hope to share with you quantum leaps of insight and inspiration through my words.

As a Global Community we are constantly mis-creating social, economic and spiritual crisis. We are only victims of our own misperceptions. I’m glad to see science is finally proving nonphysical relationships, all the while our innate sense of spirituality is witnessing it’s reflection, deep within the scientific process. Did you know, it only takes about an 11% minority to really change the world. Like Copernicus, changing our world view changes the world. Change your mind and you change the world.

I challenge you to do a little research on ancient healing practices in China, India and anywhere else where there are written records and you will find amazing cures and remedies. The truth is, whenever a society exterminates another society, they are destroying the inheritance of all mankind. Why would you want to rip out pages from the book of life? If we are all interconnected, we gain and lose together, as one.

The same rule includes even the smallest species on earth. If you destroy anything, you lose the “benefit” of a unique life form and ts diverse attributes, as well. It seems then we try to compensate for this “loss,” by developing “replacements” for these missing qualities in our world. i.e. Genetic sheep, test tube babies, synthetic oil, genetically mutated foods, television even computers can be replacements for something we think we lack in ourselves.

The advent of chemical synthesis is an attempt to patent and replace Mother Nature or be God Himself. As a society, we have a persistent tendency to make up too many complex rules, artificial contrivances and manipulative politics. We live asleep, in total denial of the real world . . . as it longs and yearns to be acknowledged, once again.

This is only part of my story. Like most others, the best parts go unwritten. Benjamin Franklin once said, “Do something worth writing, or write something worth doing.” I like that.

My story is a single tangent, a totally complete piece, to a vast holographic universe. This is the story of my own personal transformation, a story of my own return to God. Living in a quantum moment of integrative relativity, there is a harmonic wave that transcends all time and space, a quality of the master design that sustains our place in this world. There is a living energy with in your own molecules that has no birth and never dies. Once you choose to become aware of this “ownership,” you return . . . back to the cosmos . . . you return, back into the stardust that makes you feel what ever you feel.

You see, this world sustains us, or rather, IS sustaining us. It only looks like we have killed it. We are like its cancer, and the world’s natural defense system is about to kick our mortal asses out. But we are also the stewards of this vast quantum garden we call home, a home we have forgotten is sacred. Every molecule of puissant energy that makes sustains it all, is all sacred.

If you never get pissed off, you’re simply not paying attention. The cost of being asleep is way too high . . . once you see this, you will begin to awaken.

When a system is in harmony, there is a noticeable relationship between the cellular, the molecular level and the dynamic environmental planetary cosmic level. In fact the biorhythms of your body are literally tracking the movement of countless suns, stars and planets as you live. We can no longer ignore our effect on our world . . . every single thought eventually must become part of the solution . . . inevitably.

There is no mountain high enough to escape our societies magnifying affects . . . right this very moment in time, even the ice caps are melting. Our chemicals are burning in the sky as our own sun ignites them into poisons that kill the rain and choke the oxygen from our lakes and streams. The oceans are over fished and pestilence prevails. Look at the giant sea creatures appearing all over the planet, the squid, the Jelly fish and prehistoric sharks too.

The cold deep sea ocean currents must maintain exactly 4 degrees Celsius to keep us all alive are warming up . . . we send Gigawatts of electrical frequencies through the earth’s center to explode missiles in space with ionic plasma bursts. We are reversing the rivers, draining the oil and strip mining the coal and precious metals.

This state of our environment reflects our mental disposition and biological harmony as a planetary race, collectively. Think about how many drugs we consume, how much money we waste and how violent we still behave as a people. We take drugs for everything, but we are generally quite sick for as evolved as we claim to be.

Our food system has failed because of poor stewardship and corrupt political philosophies. We are drugging our children, because we fear they will hate us if they learn what we’ve done to their future. So we subject them to selective chemical welfare with toxic psycho-tropic drugs. We are sterilizing them too. Why are we sending all these messages of doom? Yet, we also know that the human body, mind and spirit are totally miraculous, yet we betray our own thoughts and exclude reason from consciousness and poison our bodies as well.

We do not see the truth because we have put up so many barriers that we are simply unwilling to remove. The cost of staying asleep , is way too high. Wake up! Their is no mythical search for truth. It is not lost! You are lost! Be willing to remove the obstacles that you, yourself have placed to block the way and you will see the truth with in you.

Set yourself free!

Have you ever asked yourself why we depend on so many drugs? Why does there “seem to be” a new disease every day, but you never hear about any cures? We have separated ourselves psychologically from the vast nurturing Cosmos. For what, selfishness, greed and collapse? Truth isn’t what you bring to illusion. Illusion must be brought to the truth. How can illusion exist? By definition, illusion is not real.

If we did not invest in the belief that we are all separated from reality, we wouldn’t need drugs, would we? Drugs are not the cure. Within your body is an inner intelligence. Trillions of cells are intercommunicating within your body, each one processes more than 6 trillion times per second with every other cell. Why would you need drugs? Your body has the capability to make every chemical and every drug it could ever need. Have we lost our minds?

There is a deep connection between the earth and our wellness and we are a mess because we are in denial. Denial of inherent truth and innate healing abilities. Science agrees! We have turned our natural function and beautiful purpose into an twisted, sick, abomination; a deadly, dark, perversion. Why do you think as a society and individually, we feel so lost and full of fear?

What could make it all more obvious?

What have we all failed to allow for?

Why have you stopped answering these questions?

If you’re in deep, you need to think deep, in order to learn how to get back on your intended path. If you’re in deep and you are not willing to deal with it, it could be the end of your story. You have to go deep to “understand” your connection with it all. Go into it and see for your self, don’t take someone else’s word for it.

Leading scientists now agree, there is a powerful and dynamic connection between our genes, our food and our environment. So why do we hide from the truth?

Do your due diligence, do something new today, if you haven’t already. For example, go look up the science of nutrigenomics or the definition of epigentics and you will discover a treasure chest of epic revelations that are changing the way we see our world and may even help you get you back upon your natural healing path.

Can you imagine, our ancestors used to kill people for just mentioning the earth was round? What effect did it have on our world to collectively believe, time, space and matter were absolute things? It really messed the world up didn’t it? But it was a stage we went through anyway. Have you ever noticed, what you believe changes the whole world? You have an equal responsibility, to be true to yourself, for the sake of the whole world. You owe it to yourself and everyone else, to be yourself, be who you are, what you are and when you are.

So perhaps, you may upset someone by pointing out genetic determinism is outdated dogma and carries no weight scientifically. So what’s more important? Someone else’s self serving agenda, or connecting with your own truth? Don’t be afraid of being right. I don’t mean to imply that we are each other’s correctors, on the contrary. We are God corrected, when we ask for help. Ideas, like love, grows when you share them.

Knock and it will open, ask and you will receive. These are real principles designed to help you.

The assumptions about the great DNA molecule has been humbled and science has reconsidered its place in our world view of who we are and how we all came about.

Genetic determinism is at last, a leftover, dead and insane political agenda, not a real science at all, it never was more than a mad assumption . . . much like the flat earth theory.

Exterminating entire cultures and animal species is still a hate crime. Genetic cleansing a twisted political agenda. There is no peace, love or joy outside of God’s connection to who you are.



We used to believe that we couldn’t control even 1% of what our genes do. Now, we know that we can affect more than 90% of our genetic expression, naturally.

By naturally, I mean with positive lifestyle modifications, plenty of sunlight, fresh air and diverse organic foods. Soon, perhaps, we will be able to naturally control future human genetic dispositions by 100% . . . who knows?

Destroy the environment and you will never know, until it is too late.

Can we nurture genetic perfection by restoring our harmonic connection?
You see, the DNA inside your cells are not the master control center. The DNA are the gonads (reproductive organs) of your cells. In fact the RNA molecule has recently attracted an incredible amount of attention from leading scientists.

The RNA molecule apparently has an even more complex biological responsibility than the DNA. Albeit, the DNA is still important. The DNA acts as an array of biological switches that respond directly to our environment.

So if the DNA molecule is not the command center for our evolution, what is?

It’s the reproductive organ-the cell mem-Brain is the master control center.

You are the world and the world is you. If the planets ecosystem is being attacked, so is your own body. Start by accepting your purpose, by first restoring, revitalizing and revealing your innate inheritance . . . cellular wellness. This can be your metaphor as well as mine. That is what is so important about collaborating mind on a universal level. Instantaneous is forever.

The answer can be also shared by studying the membrane of cellular life. Dr. Bruce Lipton calls it the Membrain. See his book, “Beyond Biology.” or my soon to be released book called, “The ChromaZone.”

Bottom line is, diseases are not drug deficiencies.

Built into our primal nature is a hidden connection that is the answer to every issue we may put to question in the world today, or for tomorrow.

Presently . . . we are slowly losing our innate connection with these nurturing energies. We are bathed in a soup D’jour of man made chemicals and harmful frequencies, frequencies that I will write more about later.

Not everyone is ready to deal with the truth in their lives. Not everyone is willing to search out the lies and deceptions that pervade our societies. Yet, I know that between you and I, we are making a better world.

The first step is to be willing to get free of the illusions and lies that we have all been taught. The next step, being also the last step, sets us free allowing that truth to shine forth. By our actions, live as examples of what should be obvious to all, but is not.

Imagine a world where money is only a side effect of harmonious expression, rather than only the goal.

How many times will the world view change in the next 50 years? How many times will it change in the next 24 hours? Who determines what the world view is? Do you go into it and question it? Do you have a world view? Or do you wait to be told what to believe?

On this blog I will go into these questions and answer much more. I encourage you to share your Current Dominant Thought (CDT) and together we will create a living, growing and brilliant Chautauqua, fully embracing the great journey that we are on.

This is a work in progress . . . Live well, Tod


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