The Great Mirror of the Green Biosphere

In recent years leading environmental scientists

and other advocates for ecological sustainability

have been alarmed by the impact corporate

globalism has inflicted upon the ecosphere.

It is now apparent that without a radical

transformation of the current economic system

further loss of biodiversity is inevitable.

Yet for this to take place there needs to be a

collective metanoia, an internal epiphany or a

paradigm shift of social consciousness.

Many experts agree the current modus operandi

of the global economy is self destructive and

ecologically unsustainable.

Currently this global automaton is founded on

the incorrect premise that both human cultural

values and indigenous life forms are less than


This need not be . . .

Not only has this global corporate agenda

threatened nation-state sovereignty, but now

special interest groups have claimed the power

to control and manipulate public policy.

Historically, science has always dominated policy,

until just recently. I believe we have simply lost

place of our true priorities. As a result nothing

seems more important than racing to catch up

and save our fast-track economy.

We simply need to see the cost of remaining asleep

is far too great.

If we do not make a commitment to changing course,

We are no better than a hoard of lemurs making a

mad dash toward the end of the earth. Racing not only to

our own doom, but to the devastation of all that

sustains us.

Since before recorded history this green and blue

biosphere we call earth, has more than just

sustained all life. Even today after thousands of

years of exploration, we are only beginning to

understand Mother Nature’s wonderful secrets.

Yet, here we stand on the brink of total self


We seem to have forgotten this is not only our

only home, but the home of countless other

sentient beings and the myriad symbiotic

ecosystems that depend on them.

Undeniably, there is an inherent architecture

already built in to this finite network of life

systems we call home. Right now as you are

reading this, exotic healing plants, vital life

giving organisms and irreplaceable animals are

becoming extinct faster than ever before.

The balance has been broken . . .

The saddest thing is, no one knows how many

undiscovered life forms are being obliterated by

our blind ambition, ignorance and apathy.

Even the most basic elements of life reflect a

high degree of structure, function and design.

From sub-atomic particles, to atoms and

molecules, to DNA, proteins and enzymes . . .

there is, without a doubt, an underlying primal

purpose that can only be defined as pure


The truth is, it takes intelligence to recognize

intelligence and appreciate it.

Reconsider the once unbreakable food chain that

feeds the very cells of every living thing on Earth.

In truth this food chain, is an interrelated super

network of living threads, permeating every facet

and every dimension of your life and mine.

From mineral deposits created by ancient sea beds

to single celled homeostatic soil organisms, to the

food in your garden . . . every aspect of this

dynamic living planet nurtures you in ways you

can hardly imagine.

Their is a hidden code that connects the energy

of the planet to your every cell. It’s far bigger

and many times more complex than our simple

DNA. Every cell in your body communicates with

every one of your six hundred trillion cells that

you call your body, constantly.

This amazing super network of communication is

carried out by even a greater number of

molecular antennae. These molecular antennae

are part of what scientists have named your

epigenome. This is the once hidden link between

your DNA switch board, the life systems that

nurture you and the food you eat.

There is nothing that separates you from the

living world you know as your environment.

It has always been this way, and shall always be

this way. Scientists are discovering we are

undeniably inter-linked with the world in a very

real sense of the word.

The new science of epigenetics has disproved the

old dogma of genetic determinism. Your genes

are not the assumed master controller of the

miracle of life.

Evidence based science has just begun to

decipher the real master code. The final answer

is being revealed in the mystery of the

membrane of the cell.

The membrane of your cell and all life on Earth

are intimately interconnected by the basic

elements, the star dust that gives you life.

Your mind, your lifestyle and your food are the

master keys to your health and the health of our


This is an important and timely revelation that

with it comes a great freedom, an unstoppable

power and impeccable responsibility.

In other words as we allow the destruction of the

life systems on Earth, we are also permitting the

death of the cells within our bodies. To heal the

Earth and Sea is to return to the natural pathway

of healing for us all.

Next time I want to discuss why we continue to

allow big pharmaceutical, biotechnical and

agricultural chemical companies to disrupt our

planet’s critical balance? Are corporate global

special interests groups and greedy opportunists

who are only thinking of themselves justified in

manipulating the environment?

Remember, Good Ideas Grow!

Tod Faassé

The Botanical Guru

About the author: Tod Faassé is an independent

journalist and consumer health advocate with a

mission to teach personal and self-health care to

the planet. He is a prolific writer and has

published thousands of articles, newsletters,

reports and consumer guides, reaching millions of

readers with information that is saving lives and

improving quality of life across the globe.


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