A New Map for a Healthier and Wiser World

Your body is a collective community of more than 60 trillion cells. Every cell in your body is a complete biosphere with its own nervous system, digestive system and reproductive system. In fact each cell has an equivalent function for every system in your body including its own brain and environmental sensors, much like taste, smell, sight, hearing and touch.

Basically the general public is unaware of this revolutionary paradigm. By the time scientific discoveries go through the media process they are twisted and skewed beyond recognition. The impact of having misinformation pipelined unto the masses in this way is responsible for many social and medical woes we suffer from.

Like your body, once communication breaks down disease takes hold. Society, the environment and your cellular body share the same connections. These hidden connections are natural principles that when broken have consequences that must be acknowledged.

The old map is no longer useful to us. It is as if we are lost in the wilderness without a compass and nothing but a highway map, which of course is useless. By simply looking at the state of our health, society and environment, it’s as if there’s a disconnection from any sense of responsibility or sense of harmony.

The problem is that our educational system is based on old school thinking. Because of this incomplete way of thinking we have gradually abandoned the ancient time-tested wisdom of our ancestors who lived in harmony with the natural principles that would save us.

Natural principles represent the laws of true action rather than hypothetical theories and trends. In nature there is a time to plant and a time to harvest all governed by the cycles and signs of the seasons, tides and planets.

We need to get deeper involved in our lives to rediscover our inner compass and follow a true direction. This old school mentality has proven itself irresponsible and self destructive. The mind set that says we can use everything up and give nothing valuable back, has to go. Already too many generations were taught it’s okay to sit back and enjoy the ride until the last minute and then look for a quick fix.

I think it was Albert Einstein that said if we continue to do the same thing yet expect a different result, we are insane . . .

What if the farmer didn’t milk his cow’s everyday, or if he planted his crops in October? Do you think he could “cram” it all in when ever he felt a sense of urgency?

Important things like relationships, ecospheres and biospheres all demand a deeper level of intelligent stewardship. The environment, society and your health depend on your deeper commitment as well.

There is evidenced based science that our oceans are dying, our land is sterile and the atmosphere is scorched. We have been topping mountains, clearing our last rain forests and damming once vibrant waterways for more than a hundred years. Now our bees are vanishing, our coral reefs crumble and our soils blow away in the wind.

Simultaneously our communities are riddled by disease, poverty and crime. All this is because we have allowed ourselves to be lost.

Cast aside the false assumptions and take up a new paradigm. Like the 60 trillion single cells you call your body, you need to awaken to a common goal, a kind of internal diligence, to devote yourself to something bigger than just you . . . a personal revolution that waits for no one.

We must bust the old myths, pull out a better map and use the laws of nature to guide us home. This empowering information is meant to correct the confusion caused by the false assumptions that imprison us.

We have the ability to influence the unfolding of our lives and the healing of our world. We simply need to gain an understanding of natural forces so we can join in harmony with it.

War does not heal society, greed will not heal the environment and pharmaceuticals do not heal the body. Decide to be part of the problem or part of the solution, you cannot be both, whether for social, physical or spiritual healing your body is a mirror of your world.

“You are the world and the world is you.” J. Krishnamurti

I’m only here to help

Tod Faassé

The Botanical Guru


The $100 Million Dollar Rice Cracker

The World Health Organization (WHO) supports that diseases such as obesity, cardiovascular disease, stroke, diabetes and cancer are preventable through proper nutrition.

In fact degenerative diseases caused by lack of proper nutrition account for nearly two-thirds of all non-communicable disease on the planet.

By using organic farming strategies founded on ancient agricultural techniques we have a lower impact on living top soils and can control zero toxicity levels to protect our water tables. Further, by producing a higher nutrient content in organic foods we can develop an affordable means for ending hunger and eliminating disease.

Contrary to the efforts of pro-health laws like the Dietary Supplements Health and Education Act (DSHEA) which recognizes nutrients as a safe and effective means to preventing, treating and curing degenerative disease, the Codex Alimentarius Commission is attempting to regulate these same nutrients as toxins.

One of the biggest road blocks to solving the under-nutrition scenario are insufficient nutritional guidelines like that set forth in the Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA.) The RDA guidelines are based on the “lowest” level of nutrients you need to get by with . . . this is all part of the dumbing-down of America.

The truth is everyone has individual needs that more often than not, exceed the RDA dietary guidelines. Perhaps that’s why so many Americans suffer from degenerative diseases.

Worse than the RDA is the Codex Vitamin and Mineral Guideline (VMG, ratified July 4, 2005, Rome) which treats vitamins and minerals as toxins. The VMG demands that supplements cannot contain higher dosages of vitamins and minerals than what is found in unprocessed foods.

These absurd regulatory guidelines do not factor in that individuals being exposed to environmental or industrial toxins need to increase their nutritional intake.

Basically the purpose of Codex is to degrade the biomass of our soils and the nutritional content of our food. Currently DSHEA is all that protects us from having big biotechnology corporations push their GMO toxins and pro-disease strategies down our throats.

Adopting DSHEA standards keeps Codex guidelines at an advisory status rather than a compulsory regulating body. Adopting legislation modeled after DSHEA keeps us immune from economic World Trade Organization (WTO) sanctions. Other countries that do not embrace such protective models of legislation could be punished for non-compliance. Thereby loosing control over their land and food.

Today these biotechnology corporations thrive under the guise of “life sciences corporations.” Whether Big Pharma, Big Agri or Big Chem, they all cling to the same false premise, that man can manipulate Mother Nature.

Keep in mind that politicians and special interest groups trying to liberalize international trade are presently writing these policies. Money not real science is pulling the strings.

He who controls the food controls the world.

Another unseen threat of these life science institutions is they can not only patent the methods of genetic sequencing, but they also can own the original underlying genetic material itself . . . whether it be plant, animal or human.

Patenting life forms is the new business and Codex Alimentarius is all about it. It is the WTO who is stealing indigenous crops from competing countries and through a form of “biopiracy” patents them, puts them on the marketplace and destroys entire economies.

This type of intellectual property right is only acknowledged from the perspective of Western scientific policy. These acts of biopiracy victimize independent scientists, farmers and indigenous tribesmen and their economies around the planet.

Once these Genetically Manufactured Organisms are released into the environment the results are irreversible.

Recently I’ve noticed a new strategy used to impose these “intellectual properties” into our ecosphere. Rather than sell them, they are giving them away as royalty free licenses.

Understanding, once genetically altered plants cross pollinate, the indigenous plants will slowly vanish from the earth.

A prime example is Monsanto’s (a subsidiary of Phamacia) move to offer royalty free licenses to commercial growers around the world to plant “Golden Rice,” so called because it has a yellow color to it. The yellow tint to this genetically altered rice is due to its high levels of pro-vitamin A (beta carotene).

Beta carotene is a precursor to vitamin A. The immediate problem is many people (in India) have a genetic disposition which makes it impossible for their livers to process the beta carotene into vitamin A.

So there you go, on the outside Monsanto is marketing their genetic rice as if it is a great act of charity, yet in reality it will cause more under-nutrition, plus it threatens to wipe out all indigenous rice world wide.

For your information this rice grain was developed by Professor Ingo Potrykus, a professor at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Zurich and Dr. Peter Beyer, University of Freiburg, Germany, with the support of the Rockefeller Foundation and others.

About seven years ago the inventors announced Greenovation and Zeneca would distribute the genetically altered rice seeds and provide the regulatory, advisory and research expertise to spread “Golden Rice” to the whole world. All this in the name of humanitarian purposes, when really we all know there is no such thing as a free lunch.

Golden Rice has been genetically modified by using genes from a daffodil, a pea, a bacterium and a virus.

As I mentioned before, the WHO supports the fact that under-nutrition is the cause of two thirds of the diseases we see people suffering from globally. So why not simply allow an affordable quality vitamin A rich supplement like cod liver oil to be given to everyone that needs it? I mean really, they spent $100 million just developing Golden Rice . . . that’s a lot of money when Palm oil or cod liver oil would solve the world’s vitamin A deficiency today, rather than someday in the future.

I believe the move to dump this genetic food experiment upon developing countries of the world is nothing more than the “poster child” for these big biotechnological companies which are planning on ultimately controlling all our food, nutrition and medicine.

One more point, as recent studies are now blaming GM corn for killing millions and millions of Monarch caterpillars, what parts of our magnificent biosphere will Golden Rice affect?

I’m only here to help,

Tod Faassé

The Botanical Guru

Genetically Manufactured Foods Attack Your Indigenous Right To Health and Wellness

The definition of biotechnology given by the Organization of Economic Co-operation and Development describes it as “the application of scientific and engineering principles to the processing of materials by biological agents.”

Scientists identify genes that represent particular traits and extract those genes from other organisms. Then they make duplicates of these genes and insert them into a different organism. Once inserted into the organism the genetic change cannot be undone or removed from the organism, its offspring or the environment.

This technological process is what we call genetic modification.

Since 1986 scientists have been making herbicide tolerant plants. The first plants were made at the Max Planck Institute in Cologne, Germany.

The first Genetically Modified Organisms sold were tobacco plants and sugar beets. Than in 1994 Big Agri released the patented FlavrSavr® tomato into the American marketplace for consumption.

Ten years ago there were at least 56 genetically modified foods approved for worldwide distribution. These GM foods are also referred to as transgenic foods. Companies like Novartis, AgrEvo, Monsanto, Pioneer, PGS, Zeneca and GenTG . . . approved by the European Union’s systemic “Directive 2001/18/eec” sell products like corn, soy and even rapeseed oil (a bio-toxin).

In 1998 the introduction of transgenic food was very controversial and today the concern has only grown. As mega corporations push for global distribution of genetic modified foods and toxic pharmaceutical products, resistance seems to have no affect. In spite of these weighted concerns hundreds of billions of dollars in Big Agra and Big Pharma profits continue to manipulate the marketplace.

The advertising propaganda these mega corporations are selling is that their products will do a better job than Mother Nature. Their promises are as big and absurd as their bank accounts, claiming to reduce the use of weed killers and pesticides, help solve world hunger and cure medical conditions.

But in fact quite the opposite is happening. Global production of food is decreasing, while pestilence and disease are on the rise. The repercussion of allowing greedy chemical companies to rewrite policy in the end victimizes the environment’s ecology as much as it harms human biology.

Europeans have caught on quicker than Americans have. Since 1998 the people of Europe demanded the EU restrict GM products and provide labeling.

While new US policies are supporting that genetically mutated food sources are absolutely safe, Europeans are in the streets protesting by the millions. More than 70% of Europeans want to stop the advance of these big Chem corporations.

Could this be the end of all organic food sources? If so Big Chem doesn’t seem to mind at all. Truth is, Codex Alimentarius is an attempt to control the worlds food sources . . . this is the same program the Nazi’s designed back in the days of I.G. Auschwitz, the Fatherland of big chemical corporations.

The new world version (Codex Alimentarius) of the FDA sets the standards for the international trade of food, promotes genetically modified foods and resists any attempts to curb, regulate or exterminate them. For years the US government has resisted public pleas to label GM foods and foods containing GM ingredients.

If the only argument to support the broad spectrum take over of GM foods is that it will take years to prove it is harmful. So you had better rise up and take a stand now . . . before it’s too late. Of course GM food won’t outright kill you where you stand, but it may weaken your immune system and contribute to a shorter, less fulfilled life.

Sounds to me like someone doesn’t mind controlling the blooming population a little . . . controlling consumers is all it comes down to. One way or another these corporations will persist in robbing you of your inherent right to live the way Mother Nature designed you to live.

GM foods are part of the problem, not the solution. As unemployment rates soar, hunger increases and sickness spreads, policies written by politicians influenced by special interest groups are denigrating our health, our lands and our freedoms. Even today the cross contamination of indigenous crops may be beyond the point of no return.

Once genetically modified plants start growing, it is impossible to prevent them from cross pollinating with indigenous plants and ultimately contaminating their proteins.

Where are our sustainable permacultures? Where are the millions of little farms that used to employ large healthy communities? Are we going to let Big Agri put us in the same situation Big Oil (OPEC) did?

Each day we are painfully reminded of our dependancy upon nations the US government still considers to be our enemies for our un-renewable energy sources (oil, black gold, dragon’s blood). They have us right where they wanted us, by the wallet. Worst of all, we just sat there and allowed it. History only repeats itself if we refuse to learn from it.

Are we going to stand by like silent lambs as they do the same thing to our foods and medicines? Well, don’t just sit there let’s do something about it!

Do you really want to be part of this experiment? I don’t. Because when it all goes sour, I can only imagine the grand cover-up scheme, as billions of people’s lives hang in the balance.

The new science of epigenetics has proven that foods, lifestyle and even attitude have a tremendous influence on our genes and ultimately our health.

Bottom line is we are NOT separate from our environment. It seems just as we are finally discovering our deeper connections to the healing and nurturing energies that sustain us, we are destroying them.

Who do you support, Big Pharma, Big Agra and Big Chem or the one and only Mother Nature?

Once you decide correctly you will know what to do.

For the rest of you, don’t worry. When your immune system becomes weakened from consuming genetically mutated products, Big Pharma will just insert another vaccine into the GM foods you are eating . . . until next time.

Super weeds are being created from cross contamination, more and more herbicides and pesticides are being dumped into our water and soil . . . the connections between our planet and our cells are being broken. Restoring that connection and nurturing it is our only hope.

There is increasing evidence that a GM food sources may be breaking down our immune systems and causing strange diseases and metabolic dysfunctions.

One of these new diseases now on the rise has been named Morgellon’s disease. The first reported case was in 2001 when a 3 year old boy developed rashes, acutely sensitive sores and mysterious multi-colored fibers that emerged from his skin.

These normally non-living fibers astounded scientists when they continued to grow in laboratory tests, outside the boys body. Further analysis revealed the fibers contain genetic information (DNA) from a fungus and a bacterium, forming a parasitic alien material the body has no defense against.

Interesting note is that both the fungus and bacteria are commonly used in the commercial preparation of modified foods and in cotton.

Imagine these once nonliving fibers growing under your skin, twisting and turning like some alien parasite. Makes you wonder what other genetically modified surprises await the next generation.

You probably haven’t heard much about this disease because most people choose suicide to the unbearable creepy itching and painful lesions. So far there are more than 1200 people who have reported this disease. Here’s the link: http://www.morgellons.org.

Most people are told the symptoms are all in their mind, a type of aberration. The truth is, if the symptoms were publicly announced we may discover there are a lot more cases than we want to admit.

Keep in mind that approximately 80% of all US food contains “unlabeled” GM ingredients. The scary thing is Mother Nature has no mechanism to help our bodies digest the modified materials that our government claims are the same as food.

The ancient Greek philosopher Hypocrites, called the “Father of Modern Medicine” once said, Make food your medicine.” Simply put genetically modified foods are an abomination to your body and to the environment.

While we were sleeping in our beds, big agricultural and biotechnology corporations have taken over our global food chain. Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) have already contaminated the entire planet, directly and indirectly affecting all sentient beings.

But don’t only take my word for it, do you own diligence and verify the hidden connections for yourself.

As I mentioned above the new science of epigenetics has revolutionized our entire scientific world view. The old idea of genetic determinism turned out to be an incorrect assumption. Unfortunately there are always those who insist on protecting the past, believing the world is flat when everyone else knows it is pear-shaped.

We have truth on our side.

As you may already know, the FDA and the pharmaceutical companies have congress wrapped around their little fingers. As preposterous as it sounds, they are claiming that only drugs can cure, treat and prevent diseases. When in fact they know this couldn’t be farther from the truth. The only reason for such an outright lie is they want to control a monopoly by eliminating any “natural” competition.

In fact they are very aware that natural remedies have always helped cure, treat and prevent disease since the dawn of time. There power to write policy is now threatening to make it illegal for you to choose your own method of healing, making it necessary for you to have a prescription for the most natural food sources or herbal remedies.

The FDA is denying the truth that more than 90% of all degenerative diseases are caused from under-nutrition. On top of this they fail to recognize that natural sources of nutrition are superior to synthetically manufactured sources.

But soon there may not be any natural sources available because the next generation of GM foods is genetically modified functional foods, also known as nutraceuticals.

I feel it is necessary to discuss this in today’s article because while they are in denial of they body’s natural healing processes and the benefits of natural food nutrients on one hand, on the other hand they are planning to genetically insert synthetic medicines into our food chain.

This contradicts everything they claim to be the truth. If functional foods (nutraceuticals) and herbs didn’t really help the body’s healing processes, as they say, then why are they trying to mimic these very nutrient functions?

The answer is because you can’t patent Mother Nature, unless you adulterate the original organism or process . . .

Natural vitamin C cures scurvy and there is ample evidence that it can help prevent heart disease. So why on one hand is the FDA trying to out law natural vitamin C, but on the other hand wanting to synthesize it and prescribe it? Could it be these big corporations don’t want you to have the right to choose what we put in our own bodies?

Did you know, in Canada, you can go to jail and receive a hefty fine for selling or distributing vitamin C? Ridiculous isn’t it?

This is only a taste of what is to come. We cannot stand by and allow Codex Alimentarius to control Americans . . . and for that matter anyone. This sick policy will do harm to everyone if we allow it.

Genetically Modified Organisms, genetically engineered foods, transgenic products, synthetic vitamins and pharmaceutical propaganda are all part of the same invisible fist. Protect, preserve and practice your right to free speech and contact your local government representatives to keep them accountable.

Educate yourself about the environment and the hidden connections to your body so you can get more involved.

We already have enough food to feed everyone; just some people can’t afford it. Under the current policies the price of food and land is not going to get any cheaper. It is poverty that causes hunger and Big Agri, Big Pharma and Big Chem are NOT the solution . . .they are the problem.

Next week I will talk about the fallacy of “Golden Rice.”

I am only here to help,

Tod Faassé

The Botanical Guru

Biotechnical Eco-Terrorism Revealed

Why do we continue to allow big pharmaceutical, biotechnical and agricultural chemical companies to disrupt our planet’s critical balance?

Big Pharma, Big Chem and Big Agra are the present powers pursuing the destruction of our natural resources and threatening the rights that protect them.

There is rising evidence that Genetically Manufactured (GM) foods are threatening the environment and our health. It seems it is not enough that pharmaceutical companies control our health rights, now these same companies are patenting Genetically Manufactured seeds.

You can’t patent the vitamin C in an orange, but you can synthesize it as ascorbic acid and patent that. You can’t patent nature’s corn, but if you genetically alter it you can patent the adulteration. The sad thing is natural vitamin C is not toxic, but ascorbic acid is . . . the same applies for Genetically Manufactured food.

Apathy is America’s greatest enemy.

When people don’t pay attention they become easily mislead. Many crops like soy, peanuts and corn (Starlink) have been Genetically Manufactured for years and the FDA doesn’t even enforce labeling or safety testing.

Rapeseed oil, or Canola oil, comes from a weed that is toxic to animals and pests. This plant grows abundantly in Canada and is one of their chief export products. This weed contains 2% toxic erucic acid and plastic-like trans-isomers.

A 1997 Canadian study verified the toxic effect of Canola oil depleted vitamin E and increased free-radical membrane damage in animals.

In fact Canola oil is registered as a biochemical pesticide by the EPA, here’s the link: http://www.dldewey.com/columns/epacan.htm

What keeps happening is these big agricultural companies, like Monsanto, keep Genetically Manufacturing plants inserted with altered genes that resist herbicides. Their sales pitch claims the advantage is they can spray Roundup weed killer right on the Genetically Manufactured food source as well as the weeds.

One of the problems with that, besides contaminating the food, is when wild weeds naturally hybridize with the GM plants they become super weeds resistant to powerful herbicides. As you can see this creates a vicious cycle where weed killers become more potent, GM plants are inserted with new patented mutations and further resistance develops . . .

If you think the FDA is protecting you from ingesting dangerous foods, think again. These big agricultural corporations, like their counterpart pharmaceutical corporations are allowed to do their own testing. Independent testing costs more money and the risks of negative reports are too high.

We really need a privately owned and regulated foundation that can act as a third party advocate for all of us. As long as the government controls our land, food and medicine we will be told how to farm, what we can eat and what medicines we must take.

Artificial fertilizers have sterilized our soil, our foods are poisoned by chemicals and synthetic drugs have contaminated our waterways along with our bodies.

If you think it’s bad under the FDA, just wait until Codex Alimentarius, (Latin for “Food Rules,”) takes over.

The most powerful German corporation of the early 20th century was IG Farben, which represented itself as the “Association of Common Interests” among BASF, Bayer, Hoechst and other German Big Pharma and Big Chem companies. Interesting enough IG Farben was the biggest financial contributor to Hitler’s campaign. During Hitler’s reign of terror, IG Farben’s profits sky rocketed during WWII.

IG Farben actually participated in the systematic plundering of Austria, Czechoslovakia, Poland, Norway, Holland, Belgium, France and all the others conquered by the Nazi regime.

Fritz ter Meer (1884-1967) was a member of the IG Farben technical committee for almost 20 years. In 1948 he was found guilty of “plundering and enslavement.” In only 3 years after his 7 year prison sentence he became a board member of Bayer and chairman of the board within only one year after that.

In 1962, 15 years after being convicted of the Nuremberg War Crimes Tribunal, Bayer, BASF and Hoechst established the Codex Alimentarius Commission. Fritz ter Meer was one of the creators of the Codex Alimentarius commission. There are several books on the subject available; one of them titled, “The Crime And Punishment Of I.G. Farben,” which reveals the role IG Auschwitz Industries (the daughter of IG Farben) played in the holocaust.

The architects of Codex Alimentarius planned to control the world’s food supply as well as all International food trade. Imagine when all our food sources are patented and owned by these cartels how easy it will be to control everyone.

In 1994 the World Trade Organization (WTO) accepted Codex Alimentarius as a standard for resolution of food trade disputes.

I will speak more in depth on this topic in the next few months. I first want you to look into it yourself. Codex A. supports US and multi-national interests and blatantly violates consumer health rights.

If these big corporations have there way you won’t even be able to buy a good multi-vitamin without a prescription, which means all natural nutrient sources will be outlawed.

Codex Alimentarius is mandating growth hormones in dairy and food animals. Antibiotics will also be mandated in all food animals. Maybe you’re thinking,”That’s okay I’m a vegetarian.” But even you will be effected in more ways than one . . . the commission is proposing unlimited irradiation of all commercial food components.

This is only the tip of the iceberg. If you are not upset you are simply not paying attention. That is why I am writing this column. Your health, wellness and constitutional rights have become a time-sensitive issue. Every one of us needs to have a personal revolution to translate our efforts into a single purpose and with that purpose represent a light for all people and all generations, past and future.

By now you already know what harms the environment harms your health. By individually addressing the root cause of our ill heath we can also restore our true rights, our inheritance and our environment.

Next week I will talk about how GM foods weaken your immune system.

I am only here to help,

Tod Faassé

The Botanical Guru