A New Map for a Healthier and Wiser World

Your body is a collective community of more than 60 trillion cells. Every cell in your body is a complete biosphere with its own nervous system, digestive system and reproductive system. In fact each cell has an equivalent function for every system in your body including its own brain and environmental sensors, much like taste, smell, sight, hearing and touch.

Basically the general public is unaware of this revolutionary paradigm. By the time scientific discoveries go through the media process they are twisted and skewed beyond recognition. The impact of having misinformation pipelined unto the masses in this way is responsible for many social and medical woes we suffer from.

Like your body, once communication breaks down disease takes hold. Society, the environment and your cellular body share the same connections. These hidden connections are natural principles that when broken have consequences that must be acknowledged.

The old map is no longer useful to us. It is as if we are lost in the wilderness without a compass and nothing but a highway map, which of course is useless. By simply looking at the state of our health, society and environment, it’s as if there’s a disconnection from any sense of responsibility or sense of harmony.

The problem is that our educational system is based on old school thinking. Because of this incomplete way of thinking we have gradually abandoned the ancient time-tested wisdom of our ancestors who lived in harmony with the natural principles that would save us.

Natural principles represent the laws of true action rather than hypothetical theories and trends. In nature there is a time to plant and a time to harvest all governed by the cycles and signs of the seasons, tides and planets.

We need to get deeper involved in our lives to rediscover our inner compass and follow a true direction. This old school mentality has proven itself irresponsible and self destructive. The mind set that says we can use everything up and give nothing valuable back, has to go. Already too many generations were taught it’s okay to sit back and enjoy the ride until the last minute and then look for a quick fix.

I think it was Albert Einstein that said if we continue to do the same thing yet expect a different result, we are insane . . .

What if the farmer didn’t milk his cow’s everyday, or if he planted his crops in October? Do you think he could “cram” it all in when ever he felt a sense of urgency?

Important things like relationships, ecospheres and biospheres all demand a deeper level of intelligent stewardship. The environment, society and your health depend on your deeper commitment as well.

There is evidenced based science that our oceans are dying, our land is sterile and the atmosphere is scorched. We have been topping mountains, clearing our last rain forests and damming once vibrant waterways for more than a hundred years. Now our bees are vanishing, our coral reefs crumble and our soils blow away in the wind.

Simultaneously our communities are riddled by disease, poverty and crime. All this is because we have allowed ourselves to be lost.

Cast aside the false assumptions and take up a new paradigm. Like the 60 trillion single cells you call your body, you need to awaken to a common goal, a kind of internal diligence, to devote yourself to something bigger than just you . . . a personal revolution that waits for no one.

We must bust the old myths, pull out a better map and use the laws of nature to guide us home. This empowering information is meant to correct the confusion caused by the false assumptions that imprison us.

We have the ability to influence the unfolding of our lives and the healing of our world. We simply need to gain an understanding of natural forces so we can join in harmony with it.

War does not heal society, greed will not heal the environment and pharmaceuticals do not heal the body. Decide to be part of the problem or part of the solution, you cannot be both, whether for social, physical or spiritual healing your body is a mirror of your world.

“You are the world and the world is you.” J. Krishnamurti

I’m only here to help

Tod Faassé

The Botanical Guru


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