Biotechnical Eco-Terrorism Revealed

Why do we continue to allow big pharmaceutical, biotechnical and agricultural chemical companies to disrupt our planet’s critical balance?

Big Pharma, Big Chem and Big Agra are the present powers pursuing the destruction of our natural resources and threatening the rights that protect them.

There is rising evidence that Genetically Manufactured (GM) foods are threatening the environment and our health. It seems it is not enough that pharmaceutical companies control our health rights, now these same companies are patenting Genetically Manufactured seeds.

You can’t patent the vitamin C in an orange, but you can synthesize it as ascorbic acid and patent that. You can’t patent nature’s corn, but if you genetically alter it you can patent the adulteration. The sad thing is natural vitamin C is not toxic, but ascorbic acid is . . . the same applies for Genetically Manufactured food.

Apathy is America’s greatest enemy.

When people don’t pay attention they become easily mislead. Many crops like soy, peanuts and corn (Starlink) have been Genetically Manufactured for years and the FDA doesn’t even enforce labeling or safety testing.

Rapeseed oil, or Canola oil, comes from a weed that is toxic to animals and pests. This plant grows abundantly in Canada and is one of their chief export products. This weed contains 2% toxic erucic acid and plastic-like trans-isomers.

A 1997 Canadian study verified the toxic effect of Canola oil depleted vitamin E and increased free-radical membrane damage in animals.

In fact Canola oil is registered as a biochemical pesticide by the EPA, here’s the link:

What keeps happening is these big agricultural companies, like Monsanto, keep Genetically Manufacturing plants inserted with altered genes that resist herbicides. Their sales pitch claims the advantage is they can spray Roundup weed killer right on the Genetically Manufactured food source as well as the weeds.

One of the problems with that, besides contaminating the food, is when wild weeds naturally hybridize with the GM plants they become super weeds resistant to powerful herbicides. As you can see this creates a vicious cycle where weed killers become more potent, GM plants are inserted with new patented mutations and further resistance develops . . .

If you think the FDA is protecting you from ingesting dangerous foods, think again. These big agricultural corporations, like their counterpart pharmaceutical corporations are allowed to do their own testing. Independent testing costs more money and the risks of negative reports are too high.

We really need a privately owned and regulated foundation that can act as a third party advocate for all of us. As long as the government controls our land, food and medicine we will be told how to farm, what we can eat and what medicines we must take.

Artificial fertilizers have sterilized our soil, our foods are poisoned by chemicals and synthetic drugs have contaminated our waterways along with our bodies.

If you think it’s bad under the FDA, just wait until Codex Alimentarius, (Latin for “Food Rules,”) takes over.

The most powerful German corporation of the early 20th century was IG Farben, which represented itself as the “Association of Common Interests” among BASF, Bayer, Hoechst and other German Big Pharma and Big Chem companies. Interesting enough IG Farben was the biggest financial contributor to Hitler’s campaign. During Hitler’s reign of terror, IG Farben’s profits sky rocketed during WWII.

IG Farben actually participated in the systematic plundering of Austria, Czechoslovakia, Poland, Norway, Holland, Belgium, France and all the others conquered by the Nazi regime.

Fritz ter Meer (1884-1967) was a member of the IG Farben technical committee for almost 20 years. In 1948 he was found guilty of “plundering and enslavement.” In only 3 years after his 7 year prison sentence he became a board member of Bayer and chairman of the board within only one year after that.

In 1962, 15 years after being convicted of the Nuremberg War Crimes Tribunal, Bayer, BASF and Hoechst established the Codex Alimentarius Commission. Fritz ter Meer was one of the creators of the Codex Alimentarius commission. There are several books on the subject available; one of them titled, “The Crime And Punishment Of I.G. Farben,” which reveals the role IG Auschwitz Industries (the daughter of IG Farben) played in the holocaust.

The architects of Codex Alimentarius planned to control the world’s food supply as well as all International food trade. Imagine when all our food sources are patented and owned by these cartels how easy it will be to control everyone.

In 1994 the World Trade Organization (WTO) accepted Codex Alimentarius as a standard for resolution of food trade disputes.

I will speak more in depth on this topic in the next few months. I first want you to look into it yourself. Codex A. supports US and multi-national interests and blatantly violates consumer health rights.

If these big corporations have there way you won’t even be able to buy a good multi-vitamin without a prescription, which means all natural nutrient sources will be outlawed.

Codex Alimentarius is mandating growth hormones in dairy and food animals. Antibiotics will also be mandated in all food animals. Maybe you’re thinking,”That’s okay I’m a vegetarian.” But even you will be effected in more ways than one . . . the commission is proposing unlimited irradiation of all commercial food components.

This is only the tip of the iceberg. If you are not upset you are simply not paying attention. That is why I am writing this column. Your health, wellness and constitutional rights have become a time-sensitive issue. Every one of us needs to have a personal revolution to translate our efforts into a single purpose and with that purpose represent a light for all people and all generations, past and future.

By now you already know what harms the environment harms your health. By individually addressing the root cause of our ill heath we can also restore our true rights, our inheritance and our environment.

Next week I will talk about how GM foods weaken your immune system.

I am only here to help,

Tod Faassé

The Botanical Guru


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