The $100 Million Dollar Rice Cracker

The World Health Organization (WHO) supports that diseases such as obesity, cardiovascular disease, stroke, diabetes and cancer are preventable through proper nutrition.

In fact degenerative diseases caused by lack of proper nutrition account for nearly two-thirds of all non-communicable disease on the planet.

By using organic farming strategies founded on ancient agricultural techniques we have a lower impact on living top soils and can control zero toxicity levels to protect our water tables. Further, by producing a higher nutrient content in organic foods we can develop an affordable means for ending hunger and eliminating disease.

Contrary to the efforts of pro-health laws like the Dietary Supplements Health and Education Act (DSHEA) which recognizes nutrients as a safe and effective means to preventing, treating and curing degenerative disease, the Codex Alimentarius Commission is attempting to regulate these same nutrients as toxins.

One of the biggest road blocks to solving the under-nutrition scenario are insufficient nutritional guidelines like that set forth in the Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA.) The RDA guidelines are based on the “lowest” level of nutrients you need to get by with . . . this is all part of the dumbing-down of America.

The truth is everyone has individual needs that more often than not, exceed the RDA dietary guidelines. Perhaps that’s why so many Americans suffer from degenerative diseases.

Worse than the RDA is the Codex Vitamin and Mineral Guideline (VMG, ratified July 4, 2005, Rome) which treats vitamins and minerals as toxins. The VMG demands that supplements cannot contain higher dosages of vitamins and minerals than what is found in unprocessed foods.

These absurd regulatory guidelines do not factor in that individuals being exposed to environmental or industrial toxins need to increase their nutritional intake.

Basically the purpose of Codex is to degrade the biomass of our soils and the nutritional content of our food. Currently DSHEA is all that protects us from having big biotechnology corporations push their GMO toxins and pro-disease strategies down our throats.

Adopting DSHEA standards keeps Codex guidelines at an advisory status rather than a compulsory regulating body. Adopting legislation modeled after DSHEA keeps us immune from economic World Trade Organization (WTO) sanctions. Other countries that do not embrace such protective models of legislation could be punished for non-compliance. Thereby loosing control over their land and food.

Today these biotechnology corporations thrive under the guise of “life sciences corporations.” Whether Big Pharma, Big Agri or Big Chem, they all cling to the same false premise, that man can manipulate Mother Nature.

Keep in mind that politicians and special interest groups trying to liberalize international trade are presently writing these policies. Money not real science is pulling the strings.

He who controls the food controls the world.

Another unseen threat of these life science institutions is they can not only patent the methods of genetic sequencing, but they also can own the original underlying genetic material itself . . . whether it be plant, animal or human.

Patenting life forms is the new business and Codex Alimentarius is all about it. It is the WTO who is stealing indigenous crops from competing countries and through a form of “biopiracy” patents them, puts them on the marketplace and destroys entire economies.

This type of intellectual property right is only acknowledged from the perspective of Western scientific policy. These acts of biopiracy victimize independent scientists, farmers and indigenous tribesmen and their economies around the planet.

Once these Genetically Manufactured Organisms are released into the environment the results are irreversible.

Recently I’ve noticed a new strategy used to impose these “intellectual properties” into our ecosphere. Rather than sell them, they are giving them away as royalty free licenses.

Understanding, once genetically altered plants cross pollinate, the indigenous plants will slowly vanish from the earth.

A prime example is Monsanto’s (a subsidiary of Phamacia) move to offer royalty free licenses to commercial growers around the world to plant “Golden Rice,” so called because it has a yellow color to it. The yellow tint to this genetically altered rice is due to its high levels of pro-vitamin A (beta carotene).

Beta carotene is a precursor to vitamin A. The immediate problem is many people (in India) have a genetic disposition which makes it impossible for their livers to process the beta carotene into vitamin A.

So there you go, on the outside Monsanto is marketing their genetic rice as if it is a great act of charity, yet in reality it will cause more under-nutrition, plus it threatens to wipe out all indigenous rice world wide.

For your information this rice grain was developed by Professor Ingo Potrykus, a professor at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Zurich and Dr. Peter Beyer, University of Freiburg, Germany, with the support of the Rockefeller Foundation and others.

About seven years ago the inventors announced Greenovation and Zeneca would distribute the genetically altered rice seeds and provide the regulatory, advisory and research expertise to spread “Golden Rice” to the whole world. All this in the name of humanitarian purposes, when really we all know there is no such thing as a free lunch.

Golden Rice has been genetically modified by using genes from a daffodil, a pea, a bacterium and a virus.

As I mentioned before, the WHO supports the fact that under-nutrition is the cause of two thirds of the diseases we see people suffering from globally. So why not simply allow an affordable quality vitamin A rich supplement like cod liver oil to be given to everyone that needs it? I mean really, they spent $100 million just developing Golden Rice . . . that’s a lot of money when Palm oil or cod liver oil would solve the world’s vitamin A deficiency today, rather than someday in the future.

I believe the move to dump this genetic food experiment upon developing countries of the world is nothing more than the “poster child” for these big biotechnological companies which are planning on ultimately controlling all our food, nutrition and medicine.

One more point, as recent studies are now blaming GM corn for killing millions and millions of Monarch caterpillars, what parts of our magnificent biosphere will Golden Rice affect?

I’m only here to help,

Tod Faassé

The Botanical Guru


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