Do You Need A Self Revolution?

I’m reminded here of an old Orson Wells quote where he said, “In the time of deceit telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”

Why is it that even when some people look at the truth straight in the face, as bold as day, they still don’t see it? All I can say to that is, “We can’t see what we don’t believe.” Being that perception is a choice, how you see the world is a reflection of what you choose to believe. For some, to simply realize that “The truth is true,” they will need a personal revolution.

So many people would rather not see the truth because it is simply too much for them to accept. The cost of sleeping in for so long, still hasn’t hit them. As long as they believe nothing can change their world, they feel safe. I guess that’s why some believe ignorance is bliss, right?

I once had a biology teacher who told me ignorance was bliss. He always refused to answer my prying questions in front of the class.

When I finally asked him why awareness wouldn’t be truly more blissful than ignorance, he became visibly shaken . . . his whole world seemed to be thrust upon this single premise of ignorant bliss.

Since then I’ve tried to be more considerate of other people’s positions on life and matters of philosophy. To each his own . . . right?

But earlier today I had my own premise of indifference brought to test. I was explaining to a friend of mine how the present world model was crumbling all around us. I was surprised to see that my rhetorical revelation was upsetting him and I felt somehow responsible for getting him all riled up.

You see my friend is a brilliant young man who just turned eighteen. His response reminded me how passionate I was at that age and how little I really knew about our world at eighteen.

I told myself his excitement was a natural response to becoming more aware . . . I ruined his bliss. Within a few short hours I think he riled up a few people himself, emailing and blogging anyone who would listen to what he had to say. Ultimately, he became even more upset because he actually found people who insisted on arguing his point, which to him was now so self-evident.

Later he came to me and said something I didn’t expect. He said thanks for telling me about anarchism. Immediately I could see he channeled his passion for change in the wrong direction.

I explained that because a person disagrees with an accepted curriculum or norm doesn’t define anarchy. You see the model I was referring to was the current political model that I believe is falling apart.

The world’s curriculum represented by the authorities is failing.

It’s not failing because people are rebelling against it or angry about it. It’s failing on its own accord. The old school ways are simply unsustainable, they can’t continue any longer. It’s that simple.

You see what I hope I got across to my friend is that a green revolution is not a violent movement it’s a creative movement. Sure we are rebels and we have a good reason, or two, to feel upset about the present model. But anarchy is not the battle cry . . . a true rebel is a peace maker.

We are the builders and architects of the new model. Al Einstein put it best when he said, “To keep doing the same thing, but to expect different results, is to drive yourself crazy.” We need to apply a new paradigm with a new way of thinking if we are to continue to adapt and grow.

The story is told that when Christopher Columbus came to the Americas, the Indians never saw the ships anchored out on the horizon. Because they didn’t believe in “ships” they couldn’t see them. Later they learned to believe. I guess that’s why some people don’t see what’s happening . . . they just don’t want to believe.

We need fearless visionaries and creative dreamers. We need nature lovers and tree-huggers. We need sun worshipers and whale riders. We need passionate people who aren’t afraid to look out at the horizon and prepare for a new kind of day. A revolutionary day!

If that labels us rebels, so be it . . . but we’re certainly not anarchists. You can’t build a new world without a blue print, plans and a vision.

Because until everyone has his or her own personal revolution and revolts against the complacency of ignorant bliss, we won’t see that the price for being asleep costs too much.

My message is a plea for vigilance. Keep an open eye out for new leaders, an open mind for good ideas and a willing heart to build a new world. For who knows? Your ship may have already come in . . . you’re just unwilling to believe it.

Life itself cannot pretend to be idle, waiting for mediocrity to fulfill its higher destiny . . . life a force of joy to be expressed at a much higher level than sustainability even suggests. It’s just that at this point anything sustainable would be better than what we have.

Keep in mind . . . good ideas grow only when you give them away.

Tod Faassé

Peace Maker


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