Self Health Revolution Cont . . .From The Lost Archives

Treat Like With Like

More than sixteen hundred years ago, Hypocrites, the father of modern western medicine emphasized plants as medicines. Pharmacology its self is founded on the observation that substances that are poisonous in large quantities can be beneficial in smaller quantities. The idea of healing the body as a whole, meant practicing integrative medicine using the plant kingdom to restore and maintain metabolic balance.

The concept of Homeopathy may sound new to you, but the fact is that vaccination programs are purely homeopathic. By introducing a low level of a virus or allergen into the body, the immune system develops antibodies that help identify and fight the full-blown dis-ease or metabolic imbalance.

We always make the most progress when we learn from nature. Everything that we consider as useful knowledge has come from great minds that learned from observing nature. That’s why if you have a seasonal allergy, you can simply eat some local honey and your body will better defend you.

The reason is because you are consuming the pollen and allergens that bloom in your local environment, through the elixir of honey. Your body can now create antigens that recognize the allergens in the air, and defend you better. Hence, the land of milk and honey!

We are an undeniable extension of our environment, and our health is a reflection of our inner and outer environment. Our cells depend on it. If our cells cannot keep our blood healthy, our organs suffer, when our organs suffer all systems breakdown. So it is vital to recognize our relationship with our environment in a holistic, all-inclusive and ecological manner.

The miracle of homeopathy is, it works with your body naturally. It is still a scientific mystery, exactly how the body, the inner and outer environments work together. However, scientists are on the verge of discovering a revolutionary new world perspective on life and wellness itself. To me this is more exciting than discovering life in outer space. Because we can apply this discovery to help all life on this planet, where it is most needed.

Nothing is more exciting than understanding the mysteries of life, without it you wouldn’t be here reading this article, and I would have never written it. Homeopathic medicine is our natural inheritance, like intuitive intelligence. It gives us a more intimate understanding of who we are and our underlying connections with all living things. That includes the plant kingdom, the mineral kingdom and the animal kingdom.

So keep your mind open to learning new and exciting things. It seems that it’s the little, ultra-diluted tiny things that the body uses as information, to become stronger. So should we take that example from our nature and apply it academically, intellectually and physically.

More often than not it is the seemingly insignificant things that hold everything together. Invest in your right to learn how to live in peace and harmony, by balancing all good things, inside and outside. Our bodies are miraculous regenerating healing machines that are unfolding within a mysterious regenerating self-healing world. “You are the world and the world is you,” becomes literally true.

That is Homeopathic.

Live well, Tod


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