Enemies From Within

Are You Drinking Pharmaceutical Sewer Water?

Current estimations suggest more than 46 million Americans are being slowly affected by pharmaceuticals in their drinking water. The first article published by the Associated Press in March 2008, stated about 41 million Americans were drinking drug tainted water.

If you’re like me “1” person being forced to drink and bathe in drug tainted water is “1” too many. It’s quite possible that 46 million will be a small number when compared to the final numbers.

Here are some of the drugs being detected in public water supplies:

  • Anti-cholesterol statins
  • Anti-convulsion (carbamazepine)
  • Tranquilizers
  • Hormones
  • Nicotine derivative

Some people argue these facts may cause undue concern. This sounds like the kind of bureaucrats who wait until we are in a state of emergency before they start making plans to resolve issues. I feel it’s better to “nip these issues in the bud” as soon as we become aware of them, rather than ignore them.

Perhaps more people need to get angry and speak out, but perhaps their passivity is a side effect of drinking tranquilizer tainted water.

Fact is an overwhelming majority of cities have not even tested their water supplies yet. If you live in New York City you are one of the untested communities. The same great city who suffered a terrorist attack, doesn’t want to know what’s in their water system . . . ironic isn’t it?

Apparently government agencies like the Department of Environmental Protection don’t feel it’s an important enough of an issue to be concerned with.

Perhaps if the DEP says it’s not a concern we should just relax, take our meds and chase it with a glass of city water and watch more television . . . NOT!

Wake up!

Are you comfortable trusting a government agency to protect you? Get serious here for a moment, since when did Americans give up their right to know? The price of being free comes with the responsibility to care, if you don’t desire to know the truth you will lose your right to know.

Apathy is an epidemic social disease.

Perhaps the contamination levels are not high enough to be a threat yet. However, if we don’t take the steps necessary to trace back to the source of the problem, it will get worse.

What we don’t know can harm us and what’s left of our delicate environment. We already know that pharmaceutical drugs are potent proprietary poisons meant to be ingested by sick people in very small amounts. In fact forensic studies have found pharmacological residue in human fatty tissues as many as 40 years later. Suggesting that we really know very little of the accumulative affects of these drugs on the ecosphere or ourselves.

Here we are once again messing around with Mama Nature rather than learning from her. Human behavior is a stubborn thing . . . why does a corporation’s lack of foresight and planning have to become an emergency on our part?

We are at a closing of an era I call “The Chemical Dark Ages.” As with any passing era there is historically great resistance to change. Here’s the paradigm shift; biologically all life forms, including your body, are “primarily electromagnetic,” chemistry is a secondary affect of this phenomenon.

We are rapidly progressing technologically and spiritually, as we understand how to benefit from these higher principles. Already leading scientists are learning to heal with subtle energies found in cell salts, magnetism, high frequency radio waves, sound waves, infrared light and super refined lasers . . . rather than with chemical drugs.

I realize there is a lot of money tied up into the old chemical model, but regardless, we need to allow our conscience to be lead by evidence-based science rather than corporate policy.

The bottom line is the individual is more important than any institution. If we fail to recognize this quality in ourselves we will fail to recognize it in Nature, consequently being harbingers of chaos rather than stewards of harmony. We are ultimately accountable for our own thoughts and actions. The repercussions of ignoring the consequences of our irresponsible behavior are global chaos, financially, ecologically and pathologically.

Who can stop the oceans from warming? Who can bring the water tables back up? Who can return the Honey bees? Who can repair the economy? Who can cure epidemic disease and world famine? Who can heal the sky, bring back the rain forests and detoxify our lakes and rivers? Who can develop alternative energy sources and develop safer more affective medical therapies?

We can. By working together, using natural principles and green technologies available to us all, we can save the world.

As We Heal The World We Heal Ourselves.”

The list of problems caused by apathetic human behavior is growing exponentially because we are still in denial. Because we are afraid to face the truth, we are afraid to get upset, we are afraid we might offend someone . . . we are simply afraid to take control of our own lives.

That’s why capitalism runs to socialism when it’s in trouble, yet without the entrepreneurial spirit, free enterprise and venture capital raised by small businesses and individuals . . . we are at the mercy of Marxist and corporate ideologies.

Policy must be based on scientific evidence rather than political propaganda and special interest groups. Let’s follow the facts to the money here . . . the presence of therapeutic drugs has been detected in your environment. Pharmaceutical companies have been reaping thousands of billions of dollars in profits, yet there seems to be zero accountability for the death and destruction they have caused.

My concern is even if the original chemical compound is not detected in the environment, the degradation by-products may be even more toxic. The effects of these pharmaceuticals, their metabolites and degradation products need further and more extensive studies.

Why not make Big Pharma pick up the tab?

There is no doubt of the adverse effects of pharmaceuticals on mammals, yet we know nothing of the negative effects on other life forms.

Here are some biological life functions that can potentially be harmed by chemical contamination of our watersheds:

  • Hatching success
  • Development
  • Reproduction
  • DNA/RNA Biomarkers
  • Hormonal balance
  • Protein (epigenetic)
  • Immune system

Up to this point drug companies have put the blame on people, stating all these drugs come from urine and excrement in our sewer systems. Albeit some of the contamination is accredited to human waste . . . yet recently there is new evidence that pharmaceutical companies are dumping tons of narcotics and painkillers into the environment directly.

Again, follow the money to the cause of the problem. Apparently the bureaucratic red tape is too expensive and “proper” disposal is just too expensive for these mega drug corporations to comply too.

Apparently if you are not registered with the DEA or a police officer, you can not legally dispose of medical drug waste, so they just dump it. It’s simply cheaper for hospitals to dump drugs down their drains than to go through the paper work and pay the thousands of dollars to do it legally. Perhaps that’s why thousands of tons of needles, biological and medical wastes are dumped into our lakes, waterways and oceans every year.

We live in a time where congress has taken away our Constitutional rights for the sake of security and yet we have no defense to our own ignorance. Who knows, in the present age of potential terrorist attacks, who is protecting us from “enemies within” our borders?

If you’re not upset, you’re simply not paying attention.

I’m only here to help.

Tod Faassé


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