The End Of The Chemical Dark Ages!

Should Promoting Natural Remedies Be A Drug Crime!?

In order for the drug industry to reclaim “lost customers,” they are changing strategies to account for this . . .

Drug companies have one thing on their mind, “How to commercialize drugs more quickly and economically.”

This article is about how to balance the natural process of healing the planet while organizing a revolutionary prescriptive approach. This is also a wake up call for environmentalists and health conscious individuals to stand up and fight political policies that threaten to enslave us all.

For some odd reason the drug companies who fund the FDA want to control which cherries you buy to stop your Gout pain attacks.

There exists a sacred primal right to seek natural healing principles, edify and share them.  Now suddenly the FDA can arrest you for selling the benefits of cherries as a drug. Now get this, according to FDA law enforcement, right now, only “drugs” have the right to advertise claims.

Where’s the American fairness in that? I’ve never seen a drug with a guarantee and zero side effects, have you?

Somehow the drug industry has seized political-pull because only the Government can authorize the selling of “drugs.”

In my last report I explained why there are so many Pharmaceuticals contaminating our drinking water. The reason was because only a police officer or a DEA agent can dispose of these bio-toxic man-made synthetic drugs and it costs the hospitals too much money. So they flush them into our sewers.

The Government charges an actual “fee” for disposing of drugs.

That’s something else the Drug War policies have messed up is the ecology. The same corporations that create billions of pills and medications promote Big Biotech and Big Agri “organizations.” You know the ones pushing artificial fertilizers, deadly pesticides and toxic genetically manufactured plants.

The Nazis and the Mafia represent some of history’s most powerful but not so popular “organizations” as well. If “any” government continues to take over U.S. corporations, they will control the marketplace with extreme prejudice.

Of course, to financially survive, corporations take their business to other countries and change their names . . . it’s NO secret anymore. That’s why big business is pandering with special interest groups, because they’re all about greed.

But chemicals know no borders . . .

No one has the right to tell you NOT to eat organic, heal naturally and support a permacultural society? No one does.

Did you know “health” was originally in the U.S. Constitution as a right, the right to choose your own health care . . . to seek your own well being, spiritually, financially and physically?

Why persecute someone for promoting balance between the Earth’s delicate ecosphere and integrative human culture? What’s so politically incorrect about doing some good for once?

Because that’s what green movements do . . . they generate “competitive dollars” that help us save our health, country and our planet Earth. Spontaneous genius solves current challenges, rather than create permanent problems. Less government and more proactive individuals are what will turn this Mother “Earth” ship around.

The human permacultures of this planet have an ancient indigenous connection (as a natural creation,) by virtue of hidden energetic connections.

I don’t desire corporations interfering with my ability to attain happiness and health or even stop me from pursuing it. I’m sure you feel the same.

Corporations are violently “competing” with the Earth’s natural ecological balance. They are fighting with natural laws while terrorizing your health rights and mine in every possible way imaginable . . . biologically, psychologically and ecologically.

We need to work in harmony with the Earth’s dynamic self-healing system not against it. Support the web of life vote green.

“Make Food Your Medicine!” was the old Hippocratic creed from ancient Greece, not . . . make food “a drug,” that’s really insane.

Today, health is a prescriptive service you can only “legally” purchase through a government sanctioned official . . . if you have good credit with your (government owned) insurance policy.

Eventually, if we don’t change it, you may have to pay a government official to dispose of your organic health food garbagé (sarcasm).

This scenario should never be!

This is not really a political matter it’s an unconscionable matter . . . these ravenous and fierce corporations are raping “our” Mother Earth.

These “unregulated” mega industrial corporations are topping mountains, drilling out oil and gas reserves, heating the atmosphere with acid fog and deflowering, to say the least, our last primal rain forests.

Yes, the same corporations poisoning our drinking water with pharmaceuticals . . . and creating environmental dead zones.

Whose going to “bail us out” of that one???

It is “a crime” to destroy the health of the planet and destroy the health of her six billion people . . . not to mention the trillions of other sentient beings living with us, simultaneously.

Chemicals are used to create drugs that do NOT exist in Mother Nature, accept as an abomination of her laws.

How can cherries, oranges and ginger root be drugs? How about cinnamon for diabetes, raw almonds for a healthy immune system or Pineapple cores to dissolve blood clots? These medicinal foods are now all “contraband.”

I say enough is enough!

You do have the right to “see” the clinical evidence even if the drug companies will lose another customer.

You have a right to grow, cultivate and bring to market the benefits of your labor. There is a “returning to the garden revolution” that’s drawing people who “genuinely care” to start Green Businesses.

You have the right to “know” the truth is true.

America is comprised of people who are innovative, tough and well funded. With the present level of science and technology today we can “capture the living essence of a cherry,” put it on a bottle and sell the benefits.

You have the right to “choose.”

Wild cherries are needed to heal nutritional deficiencies, relieve gout pain or arthritic pain and reduce swelling, that’s a FACT!

It’s a natural benefit of the native nutrients within the cherry and how they connect with our human cells as food. Why shouldn’t anyone be able to advertise, bring to market and sell these beneficial cherry qualities?

Again, follow the money . . .

In truth eating the WRONG FDA-approved processed foods and chemicals trigger gout pain and other degenerative diseases like diabetes and heart disease.

The “structure and function” of your cells is naturally supported by food sourced nutrients. That used to be common sense . . . now it’s “dangerous” anti-pharmaceutical advertising.

Therefore, somehow again, the act of “promoting the benefits” of eating RIGHT, by FDA corporate definition, makes food a drug!

That’s plain stupid!

According to the FDA mandates and Codex Alimentarius . . . if I sell you some food (an apple) and I tell you how good it is for you first (i.e. for your acid reflux) I’m selling it (by incorrect definition) “as a drug.”

The American government is raiding businesses, fining and arresting people for doing this, all in the name of security.

The FDA is extorting money from small independent alternative health businesses everywhere. Just because they’re an alternative, or rather a “competitor” to the Big Chem corps wrecking havoc on our planet.

In order for the drug industry to reclaim lost customers, they are changing strategies to account for this by attacking small American business for marketing healthy food and natural food supplements.

If they can control your free press, you’re free speech and destroy your free marketplace your in a heap of woe.

If it’s illegal to “quote peer-reviewed clinical studies” that prove good food is actually healthy for you, how can “we” (American green business owners) market natural resources fairly in the marketplace?

I mean seriously, the very factions and organizations that are ripping us all off are restricting our right to prosper and pursue happiness.

What is happening to our environment is also happening to our health. The health of the human cell and the ecosphere are intimately interconnected at the deepest “structural and functional levels.”

A free marketplace structured upon permacultural values is more than sustainable to say the least. Maybe there’s no Utopia or any Arcosanti bells ringing in the 20th century, but let’s try to do it for the 21st.

You have taken your first step upon the natural green pathway where you belong.

There is a reason why you attract the knowledge you have, the people you meet and the solutions you need. Your purpose is higher than just reaching a sustainable level . . . the world is a cornucopia of abundance and benefits all that follow.

As the herbs and grasses are for the healing of the nations as is ecological practicality sound healing for our economic dilemma.

If you encourage a healthy greener solution you are promoting a better greener world for us all. The environment is not entropic; it is a living growing system generating immeasurable energy and intelligence.

Each one of us needs a personal revolution, a paradigm shift of sudden enlightenment . . . we all need to wake up now, but we’ll only wake up when we believe the cost of staying asleep is too high.

Help us free the planet from chemical tyranny,

Tod Faassé


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