Reality Check

Big Pharma, Big Bio and Big Agri all have one common goal . . . to control the worlds food.

If scientists where writing policies instead of politicians we would be investing in renewable natural resources instead of racing to replace everything natural with something synthetic. No one should be allowed to play God with our biosphere. We have already been given the means to solve our problems. Industrialized farming techniques have failed, empirical medicine has failed and genetic determinism is a pseudo-science.

Shifting back to a permaculture based agricultural model and micro-farming has shown successful. Epigenetics  is the new biology of nurturing cell health using food as medicine to restore healthy gene expression and you may already know GMO products trigger toxic reactions and wreck havoc on the indigenous flora . . . the future meat eaters will have to shift to plant protein like hemp, spirulina and sprouted seeds for abundant health.

Combining ancient wisdom with new science is the solution-not the globalization of corporate megalopolies driven by greed . . . this is the end of the Chemical Dark Ages, they should NOT receive any more funding, specially any bail-out like they’re asking for.

We can nurture natural stem cell growth by providing functional target nutrients . Stem cells are  part of the healing process of the body. By working with the body’s inner healing processes and using Complementary Alternative Medicines (Food, Herbs and Minerals) mankind can cure all disease through epigenetic science holistically.

Disease is NOT a drug deficiency . . . it’s primarily under-nutrition and under-education.

This was in response to an article for Reality Check . . . see link below.

Tod Faasse


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