Is Breast Feeding An Offensive Act Now?

Breast feeding seems to be a lost art. The health benefits should be a daily featured podcast -hey maybe I’ll start a site to promote more of a great thing. Not because it’s sexual, but because it is reality represented in a mature and beautiful way . . . that is if you agree truth is beauty.

We are bombarded with subtle and mundane  advertising suggestions of feminine napkins, penile enlargement pills, erectile dysfunction drugs, along with animated bears that wipe their animated behinds with animated toilet paper.

This is openly broadcast all over the networks on every channel . . . we see Victoria secret and fruit of the loom commercials on public television, we see bombings, CSI graphic programming and all the violence and blood we are visually stimulated with for general entertainment purposes . . . but something as positive, educational and inspiring as a mother nurturing her new born child . . . well I can see that this is a conflict of our Internet rights.

I mean if that’s offensive everything is potentially offensive-where do we stop censoring?

The Internet is a catalyst for anew awareness of streaming consciousness. To censor  love seems a little cold to say the least.



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