The Emptiness Consultant

An emptiness consultant is a person who points out the importance of experiencing a zazen type state of mind. To clear your perceptions of all accumulated knowledge. This actionless action leads to a true creative state which is not limited by thought, time or space. In essence you discover you are not a separate entity, rather an indivisible individual.

An emptiness consultant is a temporary psychotherapist if you will, some one who joins with you in experiencing a sense of atonement that transcends any illusion of timespace you may be projecting between people.

In a sense this emptiness provides you with a means to experience anew awareness, a powerful innocence an opening and unfolding consciousness per se’. Your locality, your ego and your body are seen as neutral, free of any projections between the observer and the observed.

An emptiness consultant offers you nothing you didn’t already possess. In a sense they can act as a primer to point to your own hidden ability to answer any real questions and to question any real answers (rather than pseudo-questions.) with a state of mind that is free of conflict, impediments or fear.



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