The Mexico Paradigm

This is my commentary on Bernd Debusmann’s article mentioning Mexico and Pakistan as future threats in his Reuters article 2009/01/07

The question is which corrupt policies benefit from edifying poverty, crime and unemployment?

The so called War on Drugs is a “war on people.” It redirects billions of dollars of American dollars into the hands of agencies that only “treat the symptoms” and fund a military corporations.

It’s the same faulty, broken old model we have in our current medical system. It’s not really a health care system at all, it’s a disease management business.

Why would those getting all this money want to “address the root cause” when there is more power and profit in “managing the disease symptoms?”

Do you see the correlation between the disease management agenda and the current war management policy? It’s the same wrong-thinking, the same modus operandi.

We need to get behind the human cause of war, poverty and sickness so it can be cured . . . not just managed.

Example: It is a well published fact that plant-protein based diets, cost much less and vastly improve health. By legalizing Cannabis sativa (hemp)we will create jobs,feed people and reduce disease. The Hemp fiber is a proven superior source of building materials compared to to wood, yields a cloth superior to cotton and as a food source is rich in Omega-3s, protein and nutrients.

America needs more “producers.” We can create real income, new money, by allowing scientists and statesmen to write policy, instead of politicians.

Privatizing prisons, hiring more police and recruiting more young people for war is not a viable way to nurture peace, freedom and prosperity, for us or our neighbors.

Poor government management is promoting poverty, sickness and suffering of every kind . . . alcohol ruins more lives than illicit drugs, but it is a part of American business.

Properly prescribed pharmaceuticals are killing more than 100,000 people in the US annually.Fast food is another one causing diabetes, heart disease and cancers.

Now children are being forced to take amphetamines to dull their brains in a broken educational system-supported by lottery and cigarette taxation . . . the list of  hypocrisy is long.

We do need to clean our house first.

We have the intelligence, the resources and the people to expand a healthier global culture of common wealth. We simply need to accept our differences and build on our strengths- Let’s do it for all the children.

Thank you,



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