Dragon Blood Rising

Over the last one hundred years the industrial revolution awakened the Black Dragon from the bowels of the earth. Asleep for millions of years this once benevolent entity represented the carbon summation of all organic life since the dawn of time itself.

Once released from its pit of darkness to roam upon the surface of the earth, it has fueled our war machines, choked out our atmosphere and tainted every living thing. This Black Dragon has enslaved every race upon the planet to either loath it or worship it in fear.

Fifty years ago our use of hydrocarbon fuels like coal and petroleum rolled out of our machines, furnaces and factories at the highest levels the world had witnessed up to that point.

But now you say, the skies are no longer blackened, it has all gone away. And I tell you it has not; it is still with us today hidden in the chemical rainbow which burns your eyes. Deep within the very threads that make up the web of life . . . not leaving any living organism, from the dying plankton to the drowning polar bear, untouched by its black smudge of death.

There is nothing its footprint has not stepped upon and harmed.

Over the last one hundred years the Black Dragon slowly polluted all the valleys, prairies and forests laying in the moist darkness, heavy and warm. As this toxic cloud sought its lair, it seeped into the crystal lakes, sparkling rivers and emerald oceans . . . turning once sweet rain into rancid rain, blighting the moss, grasslands and forests with dankness and death.

As another celestial age draws near and the solar flares amplify the heat of the spewing smog ten-fold. What scientists prayed would take a hundred an fifty years is happening today as the ancient cold rivers of the ocean trenches well up . . . now releasing the poison breath of the Black Dragon from the feverish abyss far below.

The CO2 sequestered by the weight of the dense cold waters at the bottom of the sea is now churning up as it sours the oxygen rich waters, suffocating and killing with every dark wave that breaks upon the oil stained beaches.

The marrow of the earth itself cries out as living plankton forests that nurtured all the diverse creatures under sea starve to death.

Because the carbonized atmosphere is thickened by the expelled air of the demon dragon’s firey breath, there is no more living dust to dance upon the ocean currents. The mineral enriched ancient winds that alkalyzed the salty seas, blow no more.

The salt of life has become diluted with carbonic acid and no longer conducts the electrical pulse between the cool dielectric layers, but instead erodes away the sacred coral bones of Neptune.

Photosynthesis, a bio-electric process depends on these alkalizing minerals, like hematite dust. The great coral reefs depend on a symbiotic relationship with their world, like we do. But as the corrosive acid levels increase with the temperatures the coral polyps loose the symbiotic algae inside them, causing them to turn white, or “bleach,” and eventually die.

The algae (dinoflagellates) normally provide foods for the coral through photosynthesis, but without cool, oxygenated and mineral rich waters they perish.

Before dolphins, polar bears or mankind there were the plankton. These tiny plants are the ultimate source of life, food and oxygen for all creatures in the sea.

The oceans are dying and the answer is blowing in the wind . . .

To be continued . . .


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