Sonoran Summer 2nd Edition

The tempest’s torrent screams across the mesa
Sand blasts through my flesh and seeks my eyes
I am its prey hunted by demons across the sky

Rivers once deep now hungry
Purple skies kiss the desert horizon
As I fly above the Sonora highway–

Cool moon light
Ol’ Coyote Howl’n
Guitar feels right
Sunrise on the highway
Morning twilight

Shows me a country song
I take a breath . . .
. . . and its gone

Fly’n low like like an eagle
windows all blown
Forever free to go
On the path I have found

Sonoran summer
Alive and doing well
The sun is a lover
Once you’ve been kissed
You’re under her spell

She’ll take you to new heights
Paint you mountains
Secret sites
Change a man forever
Or drive him mad with fever

Sonoran lover
As honest as the noon sun
She’ll burn her memory in your mind
There’s no need to run
From this new feeling I’ve found

Sonoran summer
Alive and doing well
The sun is a lover
Who she’ll kiss you’ll never know ~Tod



Fertilizing The Ocean For The Wrong Reasons

Oceanographer’s thought they could fertilize the phytoplankton in the ocean with iron dust to trigger the absorptions of carbon dioxide (CO2). They hoped the the blooming  phytoplankton would uptake vast amounts of  CO2 and then filled with satisfaction simply sink to the bottom of the sea to sequester, or store, all of the CO2 we humans produce.

Well, it didn’t work and couldn’t have worked for several reasons. Primarily because the phytoplankton is part of our food chain. To assume they would sink to the bottom and save us from CO2 poisoning was childish and wishful.

Fact is, after wasting who knows how much money and man hours, they dumped tons of iron dust into the ocean’s and all they did is feed swarms of copepods. Probably not a bad thing, because eventually the copepods are consumed by squid and whales.

But they didn’t help heal the oceans. They may be on to something, but there is no sense in just “treating the symptoms” if we are unwilling to address the root cause.

They expect the CO2 to sequester, or sink to the bottom and hide there. fact is the dialectic layers of the ocean which are usually 4 degrees Celsius are warming up. If the cold water belts containing ancient CO2 are rising, dumping more CO2 into the surface may be doing more damage than good.

The issue seems to be about alkalinity “and” temperature.

Adding only iron seems shortsighted, I would think a broad spectrum mineral “food support” supplement would be superior. The food support supplement could be slanted toward having more iron, yet should consider other subtle nutritional needs as well.

Protecting these cold water layers is essential. These same dielectric layers of anomalous temperature bands also naturally exist in the atmosphere- and they are also under stress from pollutants, solar flares and rocket science . . . these deep sea rivers also help maintain proper pH (Salinity).

We need to protect these cold arteries of life the same as we need to protect and nurture the great living reefs and the continental rain forests . . . these need to be our priorities as stewards of this blue-green biosphere.

Let’s not make the common and absurd mistake of treating the symptoms and ignoring the true cause of the problem. This worries me. If we treat the planet like Western medicine treats our bodies, the oceans are doomed.

When your body becomes acidic over a prolonged period of time, calcium and other minerals are drawn from your bones in a last ditch effort to “alkalize” . . . this causes loss of bone density and other health challenges. Our planet is suffering from the same “acidosis” and the “blood of the planet,” or sea water, is drawing the minerals out of the coral.

My intuitive knowledge suggests perhaps recycling some of the dead coral calcium found along some shore lines in with the supplemental mineral mix.

All life is connected through the food chain to the environment and down to our very genetic switch boards . . . by helping to cure our environment we will discover how to heal the nations and our bodies. The same natural principles govern our health as well as the planets health.

We just can’t afford to make anymore mistakes when dealing with the environment. Nothing could be more important than taking the right action, but we must be certain. This is not a rehearsal, the planet cannot afford anymore of our stupidity.

If your body’s temperature rises above 98.6, you call it a fever . . . our living planet has a fever. We can either be part of the problem or part of the solution, but “the answer does exist” . . . let’s hope we discover it before irreversible damage has been done.

Suggested reading: Viktor Schauberger’s Living Water, or Living Energies, to understand the importance of “cooling and revitalizing technologies.

“Viktor Schauberger’s basic thesis contains a universal, twofold movement principle. He meant that life sustains by a gathering, ‘implosive type of movement’ and reversed, a spreading, explosive movement that leads to the extinguishing of life. With the implosive movement coolness, suction growth and healthiness follows.”

“The explosive movement generates heat, pressure, fragmentation, illness, and death. His opinion was that man had only succeeded in mastering the movement of death in order to release energy. All known engines are based on explosion, heat and pressure. To only use the explosive movement, definitely leads to the destruction of nature. These thoughts did not get any sympathy in his time, decades before the environmental problems showed up.”

Do I have a witness?

Tod Faassé

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Divine Design And The Perfect Language Of Communication

There is undeniably an Intelligent Design which has established principalities and power, long before mankind invented the idea of egotism.

The ego is the concept of isolation, the idea that you can attack reality and the belief that you are alone.

The Truth is far beyond time, thought and measure and entirely independent of these. The ideal hypocrisy projects a fragmented, broken and accidental universe . . . an alternative to reality.

Beyond the curtain of perception, certainty awaits in eternal stillness for you to return home.

The smallness of this world enslaves your mind to the author of lies. But the illusion can not hold your true power . . . yet do you think you are of little or no value.

You will manifest all you want when you accept your function, when you embrace your purpose.

Mankind has not psychologically evolved because of the invention of tomorrow, the practice of delay and the illusion of time and distance.

The Divine Intelligence built into your design, the fearless light that awakens you and the Heavenly Word that translates the meaningless world you see, into true meaning . . . is a gift that extends forever.

You sacrifice your inheritance for nothingness. Welcome holiness and the peace of contentment can be yours again. You are complete in abandoning your littleness for the memory of your true self.

There is no search and nothing to reveal, because it was never hidden from you.

Your alternative reality is nothing but smoke and mirrors. Your version is a denial of your true worthiness . . . your ultimate decision to desire what belongs to you bears witness of your right mind.

Accept your perfect role in this Magnificent and Intelligent Design. It is impossible to deny for ever, you can only delay your own awakening.

For the original son of man is said to have fallen into a deep sleep and now it is time to awaken, in the eternal instant . . . here and now.

Your Mind is in perfect communication . . . beyond the illusion that you are alone. There is nothing to reveal because nothing was ever hidden. You have only hidden your face from the oneness of the One Will that governs everything.

You have only deceived yourself by accepting the lie that claimed you were unworthy.

Perfect Love is within you now and here and grows as it is shared.

You are a divine idea that can never leave its source.

Remember the Holy Name of God and you will find your strength; simply refuse to be bound. You will rediscover this changeless, fearless intelligence the instant you remove your self imposed veil.

The perfect language of communication is your inheritance, without exclusion.

Ideas grow as they are shared.

Illusions still seem to have value to you because you believe you are separate from divine design.

Simply chose to awaken your own fearless intelligence. If you ask for illusions you will continue to be attracted to them.

If you believe you are only a body you will see no use in communicating ideas. As a result your mind feels isolated, afraid and alone. Your Mind simply requires a paradigm shift . . . you need a personal revolution, an instant transformation of perception.

Your conditioned belief projects the illusion that your mind is separate from Intelligent Design . . . which is the Living Word of God.

Your sense of failure is simply a misperception of who you really are. Nothing that was ever created was ever with held from you . . . this relationship is a Holy Gift.

God does not share your communication problem. The Holy Spirit understands your confusion because you made it and it is His function to understand. The Holy Spirit is like your own personal thought adjuster to edify your inherent ability to communicate.

The only relationship that has meaning is the relationship God has with you.

Yahweh Loves You!