Cherokee Poem

You loved and lived eons gone by

You walked and spoke to the rivers now dead

You shared all you saw with the earth and sky

You were the prey while you hunted for your daily bread

Your women and children slept on the earth

Your deer and buffalo ran free their courses

Your painted language of seven tribes gave birth

Your blue medicine came from the heart of your source

Cherokee . . . your Mother misses you

For Ever Free . . . no other will be like you

Cherokee . . . this song won’t forget you

Now We See . . . what they did to you

Never to walk through the wood on the trail

Tears dry falling on broken feet and blood stained soil

Stripped of your wings and broken feathers

Exterminated and driven naked to your Never land

Cherokee Great Spirits rescue you

Forever free above the trail of blue

Cherokee long tears will not touch you

Now we see what they stole from you . . . Cherokee



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