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How To Optimize Your Tan

Small amounts of sun exposure will help you boost your vitamin D levels. Fifteen to 20 minutes per day “without sunscreen” is enough for the body to synthesize 10,000 IU of vitamin D with minimal risk of sunburn or skin cancer.

I recommend using  my own blend of photon amplifying oils that also protect your shin while promoting a healthy tan. Mix 1 part inner leaf Aloe vera gel with 1 part extra virgin coconut oil and one part extra virgin olive oil.

Self Health Revolution Cont . . .From The Lost Archives

Treat Like With Like

More than sixteen hundred years ago, Hypocrites, the father of modern western medicine emphasized plants as medicines. Pharmacology its self is founded on the observation that substances that are poisonous in large quantities can be beneficial in smaller quantities. The idea of healing the body as a whole, meant practicing integrative medicine using the plant kingdom to restore and maintain metabolic balance.

The concept of Homeopathy may sound new to you, but the fact is that vaccination programs are purely homeopathic. By introducing a low level of a virus or allergen into the body, the immune system develops antibodies that help identify and fight the full-blown dis-ease or metabolic imbalance.

We always make the most progress when we learn from nature. Everything that we consider as useful knowledge has come from great minds that learned from observing nature. That’s why if you have a seasonal allergy, you can simply eat some local honey and your body will better defend you.

The reason is because you are consuming the pollen and allergens that bloom in your local environment, through the elixir of honey. Your body can now create antigens that recognize the allergens in the air, and defend you better. Hence, the land of milk and honey!

We are an undeniable extension of our environment, and our health is a reflection of our inner and outer environment. Our cells depend on it. If our cells cannot keep our blood healthy, our organs suffer, when our organs suffer all systems breakdown. So it is vital to recognize our relationship with our environment in a holistic, all-inclusive and ecological manner.

The miracle of homeopathy is, it works with your body naturally. It is still a scientific mystery, exactly how the body, the inner and outer environments work together. However, scientists are on the verge of discovering a revolutionary new world perspective on life and wellness itself. To me this is more exciting than discovering life in outer space. Because we can apply this discovery to help all life on this planet, where it is most needed.

Nothing is more exciting than understanding the mysteries of life, without it you wouldn’t be here reading this article, and I would have never written it. Homeopathic medicine is our natural inheritance, like intuitive intelligence. It gives us a more intimate understanding of who we are and our underlying connections with all living things. That includes the plant kingdom, the mineral kingdom and the animal kingdom.

So keep your mind open to learning new and exciting things. It seems that it’s the little, ultra-diluted tiny things that the body uses as information, to become stronger. So should we take that example from our nature and apply it academically, intellectually and physically.

More often than not it is the seemingly insignificant things that hold everything together. Invest in your right to learn how to live in peace and harmony, by balancing all good things, inside and outside. Our bodies are miraculous regenerating healing machines that are unfolding within a mysterious regenerating self-healing world. “You are the world and the world is you,” becomes literally true.

That is Homeopathic.

Live well, Tod

Dead Zonage

Mankind’s development of more integrated means of communication runs parallel with another system already in place. Any worthwhile inventions are inspired by observing nature. The World Wide Web is one of those impressive inventions.

Nature is the most sophisticated model of the transmission of energy and intelligence ever created, it’s called the ecosphere.

Without even realizing it we are constantly using natural principles we don’t even fully understand yet. Computers and their microprocessors are so small now they virtually work on a quantum level. There is a point where organized matter becomes organized energy . . . pure intelligence.

The fact is natural principles “reveal themselves” even at the smallest degree. We apply them all the time, but we need to learn to better understand them as well. Few scientists can explain exactly what electricity and magnetism are. But there is no denying we have tapped into the ability to use them.

There are many natural principles mankind uses and benefits from yet we don’t truly know what they are. Take for example chemicals in general, we love to use them but we show little to no responsibility for the mess we make with them. I feel this is because mankind has an incomplete understanding of what role chemicals play in nature and an incorrect understanding of what his own role is.

It reminds me of children who have no inclination to pick up they’re mess when they are tired of playing. Well, Mama Nature has been picking up after us for quite some time now and it’s really wearing her down . . . just look around us.

We know that the world is a dynamic web of interrelated sub-parts.

But we fail to understand the function of they’re interconnectedness.

Whole systems we once believed were isolated have now revealed themselves as integrated sub-parts of even bigger whole systems. At what point do we accredit the whole for all it is? When will we find our true function in relation to this unified whole?

Some scientists suggest a dynamic holographic model is the most accurate description of the world we live in. Each part reflects the whole, as a shard of mirror still reflects the entire image of the sun; so do all life systems reflect entire natural principles.

From the Macro-cosmic to the Micro-cosmic, all these natural principles apply equally. Natural laws are universal, whether a sub-atomic or super-galactic, there seems to be no end in sight. The further we look the further we see in every direction. We simply need to communicate better what were really seeing to better understand how we can help.

Yet in spite of the amazing self-generating life-giving world that we live in, we still seem to care very little for the affects we impose upon it, or for what lessons it bears to offer.

Mankind is not the only creatures suspended between the dynamic polarities of unimaginable space. An infinitely diverse model of living organisms accompanies us, from the simplest single celled creatures to the incomprehensibly complex. Whether in the inorganic kingdom, plant kingdom or higher animal kingdom these vast interrelated networks of life depend on mankind to understand them and care.

Through this process of understanding we come to realize the vital link that each life system offers the whole. With little regard for ourselves and even less regard for future generations we have brought thousands of ecosystems and millions of sentient beings to extinction.

Currently we have reversed the flow of almost every great river on the planet. Damming, dredging and heating these precious ecosystems into some homogenous fluid void of all life.

Google Earth any great delta, zoom in and look at the state of our rivers’ tributaries and estuaries. The entire ocean is a living organism. This living breathing ocean system has an anomalic temperature, just as we do.

Our optimum body temperature is 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit; the optimum temperature of water is 37.9 degrees Fahrenheit. Whether it is above or below this ideal measurement determines the health of the whole. I can go into why this temperature is vital in another report. But it has to do with oxygen, density and direction of spin.

All temperatures naturally “seek optimum levels.” If this natural balance is disrupted the communication between interrelated systems is disrupted too, making a return to homeostasis necessary to survive.

If your body temperature keeps moving away from 98.6 degrees, it doesn’t matter which direction, it is going to cost you your life.

Remember when mankind noticed the first “ozone whole” in the ionosphere? Now we hear nothing more about it, perhaps because it looks like Swiss cheese today. It was these wholes that initiated the first Dead Zones. I’m not talking about a place where you can’t receive a signal on your cell phone or PC . . . I’m talking about a zone that is literally dead, nothing but pollution feeding algae survives.

Every decade the number of Dead Zones doubles. This doubling was first noticed in the 1960s. We’re now approaching the 5th decade that this has been allowed to happen and these Dead Zones are getting very large and every day there are more of them.

If the military has a measure of activation and readiness for the Armed Forces count down (DEFCON 5-1), perhaps there should be one for the environment as well. What would we call it, DEF-EN 5 through 1? Short for “Defend-Environment,” DEF-EN 1 would represent expectation of total systemic breakdown, which I pray never ever happens. So at this point in time I would declare DEF-EN level 3 or 2.

Forget about military threat for a moment. That is nothing compared to what we are all going to suffer if we kill the oceans. Forget about oil . . . you’re going to want a clean glass of water and a slice of bread and it could cost you a wheel barrel of gold to buy it.

The water tables are already dropping as the temperature of the earth’s surface increases. Once the trees and grasses cooled the earth’s temperature keeping the artesian streams and brooks flowing, feeding the mountains, glaciers and lakes. As they disappear so does the water and topsoils.

In 2007 there were about 95,000 square miles of Dead Zone; currently the biggest Dead Zone is the Baltic sea. The next largest and fastest growing Dead Zone is at the mouth of the Mississippi river, and it’s about 8,000 square miles and spreading like a cancer.

These Dead Zones are so big and there are so many of them (over 400 now) you can witness them from space.

The main symptom of these Dead Zones is a warmer temperature than what is ideal for marine life. At this increasing temperature oxygen breaks down and toxins feed life choking algae.

Most of the toxins are flowing off the farms into the waterways and eventually into the oceans. This run-off is basically sewage and fossil fuel by-products like artificial fertilizer. UV rays and polluted water create Dead Zones like the plague.

If we do not acknowledge the gifts of our living planet, communication between ecosystems will continue to be severed at an accelerating pace. If this is allowed there will be devastation so wide spread that we’ll have to re-write all the latest apocalyptic prophecies, because it will be worse than anyone has ever imagined.

But then it will be too late, so you tell me . . . what can we do?

Perhaps these natural laws can be used to reverse the Dead Zones:

  • Above everything there remains but one that possesses the power of life and death over all creatures.

  • It is Mama Nature alone, which extends her laws over everything.

  • There exist Natural laws that are irrefutable and eternally valid.

  • Mankind is able to identify them in nature if he makes the effort.

  • They show mankind the way of life and the path to spiritual greatness, which embodies the goal of life.

Back in the 1940s, 50s and 60s we blasted giant holes in our ionosphere with nuclear weapons tests. We initiated a domino effect we couldn’t even detect at that time. Atmospheric atomic testing released elementary radiations that ripped the sky wide open.

UV rays then killed off micro-organisms in the upper atmosphere and plankton in the oceans and seas. Because of the symbiotic interrelatedness of these organisms this has led to genetic mutations that have harmed the world’s food chain. This didn’t just happen over night.

The damming of waterways and the industrial extraction of oil and natural gas are triggering an increase in earthquakes and volcanic activity heating up the oceans.

Meanwhile Dead Zones keep growing and spreading as we sleep.

As with any healing process we need to nurture the environment both internally and externally. If there is a natural principle that will edify this healing process I would call it the law of communication.

Our cells within our body depend on it, the world’s vast ecosystems depend on it and the green revolution depends on it. If we all search for a natural answer we will find it, the natural laws are here to guide us.

Mankind misused the power of nature to get to this point, if we do not learn to use natural laws properly; the world will cease to support us. Being good stewards is the only answer, biologically, terrestrially and socially.

I’m Only Here To Help

Tod Faassé

P.S. “As We Heal The Earth We Heal Ourselves”

Do You Need A Self Revolution?

I’m reminded here of an old Orson Wells quote where he said, “In the time of deceit telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”

Why is it that even when some people look at the truth straight in the face, as bold as day, they still don’t see it? All I can say to that is, “We can’t see what we don’t believe.” Being that perception is a choice, how you see the world is a reflection of what you choose to believe. For some, to simply realize that “The truth is true,” they will need a personal revolution.

So many people would rather not see the truth because it is simply too much for them to accept. The cost of sleeping in for so long, still hasn’t hit them. As long as they believe nothing can change their world, they feel safe. I guess that’s why some believe ignorance is bliss, right?

I once had a biology teacher who told me ignorance was bliss. He always refused to answer my prying questions in front of the class.

When I finally asked him why awareness wouldn’t be truly more blissful than ignorance, he became visibly shaken . . . his whole world seemed to be thrust upon this single premise of ignorant bliss.

Since then I’ve tried to be more considerate of other people’s positions on life and matters of philosophy. To each his own . . . right?

But earlier today I had my own premise of indifference brought to test. I was explaining to a friend of mine how the present world model was crumbling all around us. I was surprised to see that my rhetorical revelation was upsetting him and I felt somehow responsible for getting him all riled up.

You see my friend is a brilliant young man who just turned eighteen. His response reminded me how passionate I was at that age and how little I really knew about our world at eighteen.

I told myself his excitement was a natural response to becoming more aware . . . I ruined his bliss. Within a few short hours I think he riled up a few people himself, emailing and blogging anyone who would listen to what he had to say. Ultimately, he became even more upset because he actually found people who insisted on arguing his point, which to him was now so self-evident.

Later he came to me and said something I didn’t expect. He said thanks for telling me about anarchism. Immediately I could see he channeled his passion for change in the wrong direction.

I explained that because a person disagrees with an accepted curriculum or norm doesn’t define anarchy. You see the model I was referring to was the current political model that I believe is falling apart.

The world’s curriculum represented by the authorities is failing.

It’s not failing because people are rebelling against it or angry about it. It’s failing on its own accord. The old school ways are simply unsustainable, they can’t continue any longer. It’s that simple.

You see what I hope I got across to my friend is that a green revolution is not a violent movement it’s a creative movement. Sure we are rebels and we have a good reason, or two, to feel upset about the present model. But anarchy is not the battle cry . . . a true rebel is a peace maker.

We are the builders and architects of the new model. Al Einstein put it best when he said, “To keep doing the same thing, but to expect different results, is to drive yourself crazy.” We need to apply a new paradigm with a new way of thinking if we are to continue to adapt and grow.

The story is told that when Christopher Columbus came to the Americas, the Indians never saw the ships anchored out on the horizon. Because they didn’t believe in “ships” they couldn’t see them. Later they learned to believe. I guess that’s why some people don’t see what’s happening . . . they just don’t want to believe.

We need fearless visionaries and creative dreamers. We need nature lovers and tree-huggers. We need sun worshipers and whale riders. We need passionate people who aren’t afraid to look out at the horizon and prepare for a new kind of day. A revolutionary day!

If that labels us rebels, so be it . . . but we’re certainly not anarchists. You can’t build a new world without a blue print, plans and a vision.

Because until everyone has his or her own personal revolution and revolts against the complacency of ignorant bliss, we won’t see that the price for being asleep costs too much.

My message is a plea for vigilance. Keep an open eye out for new leaders, an open mind for good ideas and a willing heart to build a new world. For who knows? Your ship may have already come in . . . you’re just unwilling to believe it.

Life itself cannot pretend to be idle, waiting for mediocrity to fulfill its higher destiny . . . life a force of joy to be expressed at a much higher level than sustainability even suggests. It’s just that at this point anything sustainable would be better than what we have.

Keep in mind . . . good ideas grow only when you give them away.

Tod Faassé

Peace Maker

Is ADHD Discrimination Against Creative Learning?

If we assume everyone learns the same we risk loosing the diversity that nurtures creative genius.

Let’s discuss the three primary types of learners, Auditory, Visual and Kinesthetic. First, let’s consider children who learn auditorily. That means they learn, think and associate based mostly upon their hearing. Auditory learners excel in classroom environments like lecture halls and seminars where the bulk of the lesson is presented orally.

Auditory learners will learn to spell at an earlier age when taught phonetically. However in a strictly visual learning environment, they can easily fall behind the visual and kinesthetic students.

Children that learn and associate primarily through visual stimulation tend to learn faster by watching and observing. These students may take longer to paint a total picture, if the information presented is in the form of a lecture or speech.

Then we have kinesthetic learners. These children learn better by hands on experience and develop critical intuitive skills. Kinesthetic learners naturally behave more emotionally than auditory or visual learners do.

Often mistaken as a symptom of ADHD, daydreaming is actually a positive attribute of all creative individuals, Daydreaming, whether by an auditory, visual or kinesthetic, involves the gift of spatial thinking necessary for developing problem solving abilities.

Children labeled with ADHD are often a natural wellspring of innovative ideas. Because they do not jump to early conclusions, they play out all the options and are able to follow a complex thought through to the end. Being able to multi-task takes time to develop and is a great skill for problem solvers.

All three learning types offer brilliant insights into art, music, and science. Abstract thinking (daydreaming) is a skill that is necessary for inventing, composing, and integrative applications.

There was a time when we encouraged enthusiasm and diverse thinking skills in our classrooms and think tanks. If someone has a tends to go off on wild tangents is a desirable trait that makes for interesting conversation.

The ability to focus on a task with an attitude of commitment and drive is an attribute that should be encouraged. Instead, the dogma of ADHD suggests that they are unable focus on assigned tasks. Perhaps we should simply assign them with more individualized tasks, rather than label them as misfits.

Many naturally creative and extremely intelligent individuals are unfortunately labeled as ADHD and subjected to harsh psychotropic drugs.

It is a shame that children possessing specific abilities are not encouraged to develop them. The tendency to see the world with a different perspective should have never be condemned or regarded as less than normal.

Are we curbing the little doctors, scientists, explorers and playwrights of the future? Why wouldn’t we nurture their hidden gifts, rather than intervening upon their intellectual landscapes with brain altering chemicals? Are we attempting to psychologically homogenize children to all be the same?

We Need To Make A Stand For Positive Change

The whole ADHD assumption is dependent on discriminating against the positive, natural and genuine qualities of children and implying a negative, destructive and chemical change. Imagine how many great minds throughout history would have been stifled or even lost if they were subjected to the same chemical interventions in their own times.

By embracing these individual gifts as the positive traits they are, we can begin to see how diversity is a natural part of our evolution.

By demanding they be chemically altered into conformity, we deny not only our children their natural heritage as free thinking individuals, but we deny ourselves the primary purpose we are here; to help build a brighter, kinder and better future.

Right Brain Thinking v.s. Brain Stem Confusion

When sound, as information goes into your right ear, it is sent over to the left side of the brain. This is where speech development usually takes place. However, and the reasons are varied, some children learn with a right-brained bias. Visual learners tend to be in this category. The right side is devoted to intuitive, holistic thinking, whereas, the left side is reserved for analytical, deductive, linear thinking.

Many visual, right brain oriented learners have photographic memories but weak verbal memories. Some of these people may have difficulty reading and writing, yet have incredible problem solving skills. Keep in mind, that ultimately everyone uses both sides of the brain, however even a moderately inclined visual thinker, could easily be misdiagnosed as ADHD, it can depend on many factors.

We Need A Paradigm Shift Of Thinking And Teaching

The bottom line is we need to expand our perspective to include all levels and types of creative learning skills. This of course is more challenging than simply drugging people. Changing the way we teach requires a total makeover. But it all begins with changing our own perspectives on an ever-changing world viewpoint.

Is it fair to impose a two-dimensional perspective upon a three-dimensional thinker? Is it right to demand old school propaganda be imposed upon new age thinking? Can a grown man fit into the clothes of his youth? Neither should we attempt to put new wine into an old wine skin, for that matter.

Our world view once accepted the Newtonian and Cartesian mechanistic perspective as absolute. But today we live in a holographic world of Quantum mechanics and Relativistic physics. This new perspective has totally transformed the world, as we know it today.

Now, we need to apply the same paradigm shift to the way we teach our children, as well as the way we perceive ourselves.

Live well,


The Self Health Revolution Part 1

Today I would like to write about an important issue that is drawing more and more attention these days.

There are exciting breakthroughs happening in alternative medicine that need some clarification. Historically, there has always been a point where the old science is replaced by the new. It has always been acceptable to apply old thinking with old technology.

The trouble starts when we use old thinking with new technologies. That’s what I want to discuss here tonight, the classic conundrum.

A new way of thinking is necessary to advance new science. The world is in need of radical positive change, however it does take time to understand the value of change. Inevitably change is driven by healthy need. You have heard the old adage that necessity is the mother of invention, right?

Mankind has a natural tendency to resist any change, whether it’s a good change or not. If any given thing is working well, why try to fix it, right? On the other hand, if a thing is not working well, it needs to be adjusted or changed. I’m confidant you already realize that the modern disease-care model is in dire need of radical positive change. It is self evident that it has not ever worked well, and is not working well yet today.

I know you are looking for real, lasting solutions or you wouldn’t be listening to this right now. It is because of your need and millions of others like you that have similar needs, that we have discovered many real, lasting solutions to make a positive change.

When I speak of change, I speak of 180 degree, turn around, and revolutionary change. The time is at hand my friends to face the beautiful music and dance in the light of a new dawn.

There are so many examples I can use to paint you a picture . . . there was I time we all know about, when the consensus was that the universe revolved around the sun, we know that way of thinking has changed. It caused a revolution that led to the world we live in today. We all know of a time when the majority believed the world was flat. Changing from one set of values, based on limited thinking, has never been a smooth transition. Thank God for persistent individuals who have shown conviction and persistence to bring these changes into reality.

The reality of your situation, who ever you may be, is dependant upon your beliefs and values as well as your goals. Quite often, it has been said that, a man is at his best while he is at his lowest point. In other words, I am saying that for example, when I feel sick I tend to pay attention to what I can do to promote and then sustain wellness. When I am financially challenged, I tend to analyze better what I need to do to get back in the game of things, to get in tune with new opportunities. It is then that I, myself, am most willing to make a positive change.

Most of us don’t think about what to do to get healthier if we are presently happy we our health status. That is why I want to go into this subject today. Some of you may relate to this. I have personally experienced and also witness in others, the miraculous healing power built into the body. You could devote your entire lifetime to one single element, or part of the human body, and never stop learning about it.

The new science we have today, not only can take us light years into deep space with ultra-high power telescopes and such, but the same technology can take us deep into inside-space as well.

We can relate to things on a cellular level, and molecular level, and then still go further into the atom and even into sub-atomic worlds of pure energy. The same goes for the outside. Scientists have explored the greater regions of outer space, only to find that the biggest things behave like the smallest things, these discoveries became new science of Quantum Mechanics.

It’s all about dealing with quantities of pure energy. All matter is in constant motion. Now, the thing about your body that I was talking about is this; you are either getting better or not. There is no in between. Being well is simply not the absence of disease; being well is the expression of your highest ability in your full capacity to enjoy life.

Now, the question is, how do we attain and sustain this level of health? How can we better live stuck in a universe of pure energy, between all that is infinitely big and all that is infinitely small? The answer is easier than you might first think. The answer is, NATURALLY!

Mankind is the highest expression of all that we call nature. Every great achievement that is notable about human history came from nature, whether it seems directly or indirectly. Call it divine inspiration or the logic of intuition. What ever you choose to call it the truth is true; we are made of the stuff of stars and planets.

For too long now the world consensus seems to have been that we are separate little accidents wondering around like needy little machines driven by chemical impulses. Yes, mechanical and chemical interactions are necessary, but they are not primary. The chemical reactions that we have mapped out in the physical world are first electrical.

By really going into this, you will see a beautiful order to things, a harmony if you will. That is the natural world, a world of complementary opposites. Light and dark, inward and outward, rising and falling, ebb and flow. New science uses the predictability of a ordered universe, and by observing specific principles learn to work with nature, and learn new ways to create positive change.

I only want to instill in you a sense of promise and hope to inspire you to learn more about The Body, Mind and Spiritual connections and how to live a happy, experience filled, vibrant life. You see, the world’s consensus for the last hundred years or so, has been that only drugs can treat or cure a disease. Fortunately, this is only an assumption and isn’t true. That statement, however, only invites controversy.

Ask yourself why every day someone claims to have discovered another disease, but you never hear about any cures? I was shocked to hear that soon emotional depression will be treated as a disease. What isn’t classified as a disease anymore? The more things labeled as a disease the more drugs can be sold, and the more natural remedies become black sheep issues.

If drugs are not curing diseases, why can’t a natural alternative step up to the plate and make a stand? Well, you probably know the answer already, because a drug company can’t patent nature, no patent, and no big profits. The big corporate problem is that natural remedies made from whole foods benefit your body just like fresh air and living water do, and if they could patent them they would.

The new science I speak of is the science of energetic molecular medicine. Today, we can select specific plants, minerals and foods, and introduce them in the right quantities to the body to trigger specific signaling pathways to our cells, which includes our genetic switch board as well.

Because of the organized nature of the body, our organs, cells, molecules and atoms, are taken and used in a beneficial manner. There are no side effects, only added benefits. Why? Because the body is familiar with these natural molecules along with their specific frequencies, and takes them to where they are most needed. This is also referred to as orthomolecular medicine, “ortho” means, “right”.

By simply providing the right molecule in the right quantity, the body will take it to the right place, where it is most needed.

Linus Pauling, two time Nobel Prize laureate, is one of the first pioneers in this new science to bring food as medicine into the molecular age.

This created a necessary paradigm shift in the world view. The way we think about medicine is rapidly changing with how we see the body. I mentioned that we could observe and measure particles and even energy at the quantum levels, which is because all matter is moving energy. Some things simply move faster or slower than other things. This explains the cyclic nature of our world; it is really all about raising your energy levels. You can raise your energy level at different biological frequencies.

Optimizing energy at every level allows all the body’s many systems to function in a balanced healthy manner. I refer to this as Metabolic Sustenance, the tendency for a healthy body to stay health or to maintain a healthful state.

Every cycle in your body works in concert with every other cycle in your body to promote balance and wellness.It has been proven over and over, that by simply changing yourbreathing you can positively or negatively affect your health.

When all is well, the heart and brain reach a harmonious rhythm that is necessary for the immune and healing systems to function.Without this heart-brain rhythm the body the body is out of balance.Everyone knows that if you breathe repeatedly into a small bag you will get dizzy. That’s because you upset a delicate balance betweencarbon dioxide and oxygen. Too much of either can be dangerous.

The last 4 out 7 Nobel Prizes have been based on the sole discovery that cellular communication levels are fundamental to good health. It is commonly accepted that disease is caused by metabolic imbalance, and metabolic imbalances are caused from nutritional deficiencies.

That supports Hippocrates philosophy when he said, “let your food be your medicine and let your medicine be your food”. That is great advice! The body interacts nutrients in a very efficient manner, if you need it, it uses it, if it doesn’t need it, it gets rid of it-no harm done.

Now let’s look at chemical drugs. Your body does not treat a drug like a nutrient. Drugs are measured toxins that will give a specific result, but they are not food and can have negative side effects, where as food complexes do not. The problem with drugs is that they work by manipulating signaling pathways synthetically-that’s the problem.

~ Live well, Tod