Fertilizing The Ocean For The Wrong Reasons

Oceanographer’s thought they could fertilize the phytoplankton in the ocean with iron dust to trigger the absorptions of carbon dioxide (CO2). They hoped the the blooming  phytoplankton would uptake vast amounts of  CO2 and then filled with satisfaction simply sink to the bottom of the sea to sequester, or store, all of the CO2 we humans produce.

Well, it didn’t work and couldn’t have worked for several reasons. Primarily because the phytoplankton is part of our food chain. To assume they would sink to the bottom and save us from CO2 poisoning was childish and wishful.

Fact is, after wasting who knows how much money and man hours, they dumped tons of iron dust into the ocean’s and all they did is feed swarms of copepods. Probably not a bad thing, because eventually the copepods are consumed by squid and whales.

But they didn’t help heal the oceans. They may be on to something, but there is no sense in just “treating the symptoms” if we are unwilling to address the root cause.

They expect the CO2 to sequester, or sink to the bottom and hide there. fact is the dialectic layers of the ocean which are usually 4 degrees Celsius are warming up. If the cold water belts containing ancient CO2 are rising, dumping more CO2 into the surface may be doing more damage than good.

The issue seems to be about alkalinity “and” temperature.

Adding only iron seems shortsighted, I would think a broad spectrum mineral “food support” supplement would be superior. The food support supplement could be slanted toward having more iron, yet should consider other subtle nutritional needs as well.

Protecting these cold water layers is essential. These same dielectric layers of anomalous temperature bands also naturally exist in the atmosphere- and they are also under stress from pollutants, solar flares and rocket science . . . these deep sea rivers also help maintain proper pH (Salinity).

We need to protect these cold arteries of life the same as we need to protect and nurture the great living reefs and the continental rain forests . . . these need to be our priorities as stewards of this blue-green biosphere.

Let’s not make the common and absurd mistake of treating the symptoms and ignoring the true cause of the problem. This worries me. If we treat the planet like Western medicine treats our bodies, the oceans are doomed.

When your body becomes acidic over a prolonged period of time, calcium and other minerals are drawn from your bones in a last ditch effort to “alkalize” . . . this causes loss of bone density and other health challenges. Our planet is suffering from the same “acidosis” and the “blood of the planet,” or sea water, is drawing the minerals out of the coral.

My intuitive knowledge suggests perhaps recycling some of the dead coral calcium found along some shore lines in with the supplemental mineral mix.

All life is connected through the food chain to the environment and down to our very genetic switch boards . . . by helping to cure our environment we will discover how to heal the nations and our bodies. The same natural principles govern our health as well as the planets health.

We just can’t afford to make anymore mistakes when dealing with the environment. Nothing could be more important than taking the right action, but we must be certain. This is not a rehearsal, the planet cannot afford anymore of our stupidity.

If your body’s temperature rises above 98.6, you call it a fever . . . our living planet has a fever. We can either be part of the problem or part of the solution, but “the answer does exist” . . . let’s hope we discover it before irreversible damage has been done.

Suggested reading: Viktor Schauberger’s Living Water, or Living Energies, to understand the importance of “cooling and revitalizing technologies.

“Viktor Schauberger’s basic thesis contains a universal, twofold movement principle. He meant that life sustains by a gathering, ‘implosive type of movement’ and reversed, a spreading, explosive movement that leads to the extinguishing of life. With the implosive movement coolness, suction growth and healthiness follows.”

“The explosive movement generates heat, pressure, fragmentation, illness, and death. His opinion was that man had only succeeded in mastering the movement of death in order to release energy. All known engines are based on explosion, heat and pressure. To only use the explosive movement, definitely leads to the destruction of nature. These thoughts did not get any sympathy in his time, decades before the environmental problems showed up.”

Do I have a witness?

Tod Faassé


Why Is The Great Barrier Reef Dying?

Our bodies and our environment have deep hidden connections. In spite of mankind’s technological achievements they have for the most part only been used to further compete, manipulate or destroy our environment. Frankly, this is evidence mankind has not psychologically evolved one iota.
Consider the human body as a metaphor for the planet. Both are made of the same cosmic stuff, both are living pulsing biospheres of complex dynamic systems that support the whole.

Sadly we care the human body as poorly as we care for the planet that supports all of these life systems and the myriad hidden connections that interweave us all together.

In general the human body is riddled with the same symptoms as the planet . . . and perhaps you will agree that the cause of these common degenerative symptoms is also similar, if not exactly the same.

The pH of the human body is a subtle indication of our over all health. Just as the pH of the ocean is also an sensitive bio-marker of its health. If your body’s pH is acidic rather than slightly alkaline, that means there is less oxygen, depleted cellular salts and too much metabolic waste.

When this state is allowed to persist the body will attempt to add more trace minerals (cellular salts) by removing them from its reserves. The biggest reserve being the calcium in your bones. This eventually leads to loss of bone mass and a systemic breakdown of  over all health and wellness.

Imagine the vast living coral reef systems in the oceans and seas as the calcium and mineral reserves of the planet’s marine biosphere. In fact the water on the planet is very much like the blood in our bodies.

Both depend on a rich solution of mineral salts to  not only sustain, but to propagate, revitalize and rejuvenate.

Your body has an innate intelligence that allows you to take it for granted, for even extended periods of time. But without “genuine care,” inevitably, in the long term, quality of life suffers drastically.

Mama Earth also deserves this “genuine care” and she is not getting it. Look around you and you can’t help but see how conventional medical practice encourages people to just “cover-up” the symptoms of degenerative issues, just pop a magic pill, right? Now look around at your environment. Do you see the parallel behavior patterns? Are we just covering  up the environmental symptoms too?

There is a Self-Health Revolution happening today all around the world and it all begins with you. We are all in desperate need for a personal revolution of perspective, we need to wake up!

Because only with the passion that comes from being totally aware can we experience the joy of being truly responsible.

Right now nothing can be more important than nurturing this “awareness” and turning the health of our bodies and our planet completely around. Mama Nature has always been mankind’s best teacher and she’s gotten nothing but grief from us and now it’s up to us to show we care.

The old adage tells us we can’t give love if we don’t have love, right? well then, this is why each one of us is a living example of what we believe . . . of what we have and what we can give to one another. It begins with me and you.

Change the way you see your self and the world around you will follow that vision. This is mankind’s last and most important lesson from Mama Nature . . . before a new and better era will begin.

When we accept a paradigm shift in “thinking,” naturally our “behavior” will radically change as well. It only takes but an instant to decide to face the truth.

Once you turn on, activate and tune into the hidden connections between your hard drive DNA , your attitude and the food that naturally sustains and heals you . . . you will understand the importance of addressing the root cause of all this suffering.

It’s no secret that mankind has been confused for some time now. But it’s not meant to be that way, we’ve simply confused “cause and effect” . . . somewhere along the way, we just got it all turned around.

Today, I am asking you to help me turn it back around 180 degrees.

Every great revolution began with a minority. Well can you think of a smaller minority than me and you?

It’s not a duty to possess an extraordinary awareness, it’s your loving responsibility. I mean to say, it’s not because you have to, it’s because deep down you have a passion that desires to show “genuine care” indiscriminately . . . because you want to!

You are the rest of the world and the world you see is a reflection of what you chose to believe. “It is simply not possible to see what you do not believe” . . . so change your mind and the world will change too.

One more thing, I want to ask all my readers for a favor. I am applying for http://www.thebestjobintheworld.com/ . . . I was born for this job. I will be the best island caretaker you would ever see  and I hope you will agree that I deserve your support on this great opportunity.

I have an entire series of Self Health books I want to publish as well as many others and getting this “Job” will launch my career as a health and wellness/ environmental writer. I am just starting out as a travel writer and I’ve been ghost writing for doctors and wellness publications for several years now and during this journey I have come across many amazing things I want to share.

I meet all the requirements for the job, I’m a writer, an environmental activist, a photographer, a scuba diver, a social net worker, movie maker and an adventurer. Ultimately I will pod-cast to the world once a week what I find and record concerning the Great Barrier Reef and the Whitsunday islands in Australia.

They will select only 10 people, the 11th will be elected by the world wide web and they will select only one lucky person for the assignment. Whether I get selected or not, I am still on course to fulfill this mission during my lifetime . . . it will take me a little longer, but I will find the funding if it doesn’t find me.

Stay turned on and tuned in.

To you-“the rest of the world!”

Tod Faassé

Dragon Blood Rising

Over the last one hundred years the industrial revolution awakened the Black Dragon from the bowels of the earth. Asleep for millions of years this once benevolent entity represented the carbon summation of all organic life since the dawn of time itself.

Once released from its pit of darkness to roam upon the surface of the earth, it has fueled our war machines, choked out our atmosphere and tainted every living thing. This Black Dragon has enslaved every race upon the planet to either loath it or worship it in fear.

Fifty years ago our use of hydrocarbon fuels like coal and petroleum rolled out of our machines, furnaces and factories at the highest levels the world had witnessed up to that point.

But now you say, the skies are no longer blackened, it has all gone away. And I tell you it has not; it is still with us today hidden in the chemical rainbow which burns your eyes. Deep within the very threads that make up the web of life . . . not leaving any living organism, from the dying plankton to the drowning polar bear, untouched by its black smudge of death.

There is nothing its footprint has not stepped upon and harmed.

Over the last one hundred years the Black Dragon slowly polluted all the valleys, prairies and forests laying in the moist darkness, heavy and warm. As this toxic cloud sought its lair, it seeped into the crystal lakes, sparkling rivers and emerald oceans . . . turning once sweet rain into rancid rain, blighting the moss, grasslands and forests with dankness and death.

As another celestial age draws near and the solar flares amplify the heat of the spewing smog ten-fold. What scientists prayed would take a hundred an fifty years is happening today as the ancient cold rivers of the ocean trenches well up . . . now releasing the poison breath of the Black Dragon from the feverish abyss far below.

The CO2 sequestered by the weight of the dense cold waters at the bottom of the sea is now churning up as it sours the oxygen rich waters, suffocating and killing with every dark wave that breaks upon the oil stained beaches.

The marrow of the earth itself cries out as living plankton forests that nurtured all the diverse creatures under sea starve to death.

Because the carbonized atmosphere is thickened by the expelled air of the demon dragon’s firey breath, there is no more living dust to dance upon the ocean currents. The mineral enriched ancient winds that alkalyzed the salty seas, blow no more.

The salt of life has become diluted with carbonic acid and no longer conducts the electrical pulse between the cool dielectric layers, but instead erodes away the sacred coral bones of Neptune.

Photosynthesis, a bio-electric process depends on these alkalizing minerals, like hematite dust. The great coral reefs depend on a symbiotic relationship with their world, like we do. But as the corrosive acid levels increase with the temperatures the coral polyps loose the symbiotic algae inside them, causing them to turn white, or “bleach,” and eventually die.

The algae (dinoflagellates) normally provide foods for the coral through photosynthesis, but without cool, oxygenated and mineral rich waters they perish.

Before dolphins, polar bears or mankind there were the plankton. These tiny plants are the ultimate source of life, food and oxygen for all creatures in the sea.

The oceans are dying and the answer is blowing in the wind . . .

To be continued . . .

The End Of The Chemical Dark Ages!

Should Promoting Natural Remedies Be A Drug Crime!?

In order for the drug industry to reclaim “lost customers,” they are changing strategies to account for this . . .

Drug companies have one thing on their mind, “How to commercialize drugs more quickly and economically.”

This article is about how to balance the natural process of healing the planet while organizing a revolutionary prescriptive approach. This is also a wake up call for environmentalists and health conscious individuals to stand up and fight political policies that threaten to enslave us all.

For some odd reason the drug companies who fund the FDA want to control which cherries you buy to stop your Gout pain attacks.

There exists a sacred primal right to seek natural healing principles, edify and share them.  Now suddenly the FDA can arrest you for selling the benefits of cherries as a drug. Now get this, according to FDA law enforcement, right now, only “drugs” have the right to advertise claims.

Where’s the American fairness in that? I’ve never seen a drug with a guarantee and zero side effects, have you?

Somehow the drug industry has seized political-pull because only the Government can authorize the selling of “drugs.”

In my last report I explained why there are so many Pharmaceuticals contaminating our drinking water. The reason was because only a police officer or a DEA agent can dispose of these bio-toxic man-made synthetic drugs and it costs the hospitals too much money. So they flush them into our sewers.

The Government charges an actual “fee” for disposing of drugs.

That’s something else the Drug War policies have messed up is the ecology. The same corporations that create billions of pills and medications promote Big Biotech and Big Agri “organizations.” You know the ones pushing artificial fertilizers, deadly pesticides and toxic genetically manufactured plants.

The Nazis and the Mafia represent some of history’s most powerful but not so popular “organizations” as well. If “any” government continues to take over U.S. corporations, they will control the marketplace with extreme prejudice.

Of course, to financially survive, corporations take their business to other countries and change their names . . . it’s NO secret anymore. That’s why big business is pandering with special interest groups, because they’re all about greed.

But chemicals know no borders . . .

No one has the right to tell you NOT to eat organic, heal naturally and support a permacultural society? No one does.

Did you know “health” was originally in the U.S. Constitution as a right, the right to choose your own health care . . . to seek your own well being, spiritually, financially and physically?

Why persecute someone for promoting balance between the Earth’s delicate ecosphere and integrative human culture? What’s so politically incorrect about doing some good for once?

Because that’s what green movements do . . . they generate “competitive dollars” that help us save our health, country and our planet Earth. Spontaneous genius solves current challenges, rather than create permanent problems. Less government and more proactive individuals are what will turn this Mother “Earth” ship around.

The human permacultures of this planet have an ancient indigenous connection (as a natural creation,) by virtue of hidden energetic connections.

I don’t desire corporations interfering with my ability to attain happiness and health or even stop me from pursuing it. I’m sure you feel the same.

Corporations are violently “competing” with the Earth’s natural ecological balance. They are fighting with natural laws while terrorizing your health rights and mine in every possible way imaginable . . . biologically, psychologically and ecologically.

We need to work in harmony with the Earth’s dynamic self-healing system not against it. Support the web of life vote green.

“Make Food Your Medicine!” was the old Hippocratic creed from ancient Greece, not . . . make food “a drug,” that’s really insane.

Today, health is a prescriptive service you can only “legally” purchase through a government sanctioned official . . . if you have good credit with your (government owned) insurance policy.

Eventually, if we don’t change it, you may have to pay a government official to dispose of your organic health food garbagé (sarcasm).

This scenario should never be!

This is not really a political matter it’s an unconscionable matter . . . these ravenous and fierce corporations are raping “our” Mother Earth.

These “unregulated” mega industrial corporations are topping mountains, drilling out oil and gas reserves, heating the atmosphere with acid fog and deflowering, to say the least, our last primal rain forests.

Yes, the same corporations poisoning our drinking water with pharmaceuticals . . . and creating environmental dead zones.

Whose going to “bail us out” of that one???

It is “a crime” to destroy the health of the planet and destroy the health of her six billion people . . . not to mention the trillions of other sentient beings living with us, simultaneously.

Chemicals are used to create drugs that do NOT exist in Mother Nature, accept as an abomination of her laws.

How can cherries, oranges and ginger root be drugs? How about cinnamon for diabetes, raw almonds for a healthy immune system or Pineapple cores to dissolve blood clots? These medicinal foods are now all “contraband.”

I say enough is enough!

You do have the right to “see” the clinical evidence even if the drug companies will lose another customer.

You have a right to grow, cultivate and bring to market the benefits of your labor. There is a “returning to the garden revolution” that’s drawing people who “genuinely care” to start Green Businesses.

You have the right to “know” the truth is true.

America is comprised of people who are innovative, tough and well funded. With the present level of science and technology today we can “capture the living essence of a cherry,” put it on a bottle and sell the benefits.

You have the right to “choose.”

Wild cherries are needed to heal nutritional deficiencies, relieve gout pain or arthritic pain and reduce swelling, that’s a FACT!

It’s a natural benefit of the native nutrients within the cherry and how they connect with our human cells as food. Why shouldn’t anyone be able to advertise, bring to market and sell these beneficial cherry qualities?

Again, follow the money . . .

In truth eating the WRONG FDA-approved processed foods and chemicals trigger gout pain and other degenerative diseases like diabetes and heart disease.

The “structure and function” of your cells is naturally supported by food sourced nutrients. That used to be common sense . . . now it’s “dangerous” anti-pharmaceutical advertising.

Therefore, somehow again, the act of “promoting the benefits” of eating RIGHT, by FDA corporate definition, makes food a drug!

That’s plain stupid!

According to the FDA mandates and Codex Alimentarius . . . if I sell you some food (an apple) and I tell you how good it is for you first (i.e. for your acid reflux) I’m selling it (by incorrect definition) “as a drug.”

The American government is raiding businesses, fining and arresting people for doing this, all in the name of security.

The FDA is extorting money from small independent alternative health businesses everywhere. Just because they’re an alternative, or rather a “competitor” to the Big Chem corps wrecking havoc on our planet.

In order for the drug industry to reclaim lost customers, they are changing strategies to account for this by attacking small American business for marketing healthy food and natural food supplements.

If they can control your free press, you’re free speech and destroy your free marketplace your in a heap of woe.

If it’s illegal to “quote peer-reviewed clinical studies” that prove good food is actually healthy for you, how can “we” (American green business owners) market natural resources fairly in the marketplace?

I mean seriously, the very factions and organizations that are ripping us all off are restricting our right to prosper and pursue happiness.

What is happening to our environment is also happening to our health. The health of the human cell and the ecosphere are intimately interconnected at the deepest “structural and functional levels.”

A free marketplace structured upon permacultural values is more than sustainable to say the least. Maybe there’s no Utopia or any Arcosanti bells ringing in the 20th century, but let’s try to do it for the 21st.

You have taken your first step upon the natural green pathway where you belong.

There is a reason why you attract the knowledge you have, the people you meet and the solutions you need. Your purpose is higher than just reaching a sustainable level . . . the world is a cornucopia of abundance and benefits all that follow.

As the herbs and grasses are for the healing of the nations as is ecological practicality sound healing for our economic dilemma.

If you encourage a healthy greener solution you are promoting a better greener world for us all. The environment is not entropic; it is a living growing system generating immeasurable energy and intelligence.

Each one of us needs a personal revolution, a paradigm shift of sudden enlightenment . . . we all need to wake up now, but we’ll only wake up when we believe the cost of staying asleep is too high.

Help us free the planet from chemical tyranny,

Tod Faassé

Enemies From Within

Are You Drinking Pharmaceutical Sewer Water?

Current estimations suggest more than 46 million Americans are being slowly affected by pharmaceuticals in their drinking water. The first article published by the Associated Press in March 2008, stated about 41 million Americans were drinking drug tainted water.

If you’re like me “1” person being forced to drink and bathe in drug tainted water is “1” too many. It’s quite possible that 46 million will be a small number when compared to the final numbers.

Here are some of the drugs being detected in public water supplies:

  • Anti-cholesterol statins
  • Anti-convulsion (carbamazepine)
  • Tranquilizers
  • Hormones
  • Nicotine derivative

Some people argue these facts may cause undue concern. This sounds like the kind of bureaucrats who wait until we are in a state of emergency before they start making plans to resolve issues. I feel it’s better to “nip these issues in the bud” as soon as we become aware of them, rather than ignore them.

Perhaps more people need to get angry and speak out, but perhaps their passivity is a side effect of drinking tranquilizer tainted water.

Fact is an overwhelming majority of cities have not even tested their water supplies yet. If you live in New York City you are one of the untested communities. The same great city who suffered a terrorist attack, doesn’t want to know what’s in their water system . . . ironic isn’t it?

Apparently government agencies like the Department of Environmental Protection don’t feel it’s an important enough of an issue to be concerned with.

Perhaps if the DEP says it’s not a concern we should just relax, take our meds and chase it with a glass of city water and watch more television . . . NOT!

Wake up!

Are you comfortable trusting a government agency to protect you? Get serious here for a moment, since when did Americans give up their right to know? The price of being free comes with the responsibility to care, if you don’t desire to know the truth you will lose your right to know.

Apathy is an epidemic social disease.

Perhaps the contamination levels are not high enough to be a threat yet. However, if we don’t take the steps necessary to trace back to the source of the problem, it will get worse.

What we don’t know can harm us and what’s left of our delicate environment. We already know that pharmaceutical drugs are potent proprietary poisons meant to be ingested by sick people in very small amounts. In fact forensic studies have found pharmacological residue in human fatty tissues as many as 40 years later. Suggesting that we really know very little of the accumulative affects of these drugs on the ecosphere or ourselves.

Here we are once again messing around with Mama Nature rather than learning from her. Human behavior is a stubborn thing . . . why does a corporation’s lack of foresight and planning have to become an emergency on our part?

We are at a closing of an era I call “The Chemical Dark Ages.” As with any passing era there is historically great resistance to change. Here’s the paradigm shift; biologically all life forms, including your body, are “primarily electromagnetic,” chemistry is a secondary affect of this phenomenon.

We are rapidly progressing technologically and spiritually, as we understand how to benefit from these higher principles. Already leading scientists are learning to heal with subtle energies found in cell salts, magnetism, high frequency radio waves, sound waves, infrared light and super refined lasers . . . rather than with chemical drugs.

I realize there is a lot of money tied up into the old chemical model, but regardless, we need to allow our conscience to be lead by evidence-based science rather than corporate policy.

The bottom line is the individual is more important than any institution. If we fail to recognize this quality in ourselves we will fail to recognize it in Nature, consequently being harbingers of chaos rather than stewards of harmony. We are ultimately accountable for our own thoughts and actions. The repercussions of ignoring the consequences of our irresponsible behavior are global chaos, financially, ecologically and pathologically.

Who can stop the oceans from warming? Who can bring the water tables back up? Who can return the Honey bees? Who can repair the economy? Who can cure epidemic disease and world famine? Who can heal the sky, bring back the rain forests and detoxify our lakes and rivers? Who can develop alternative energy sources and develop safer more affective medical therapies?

We can. By working together, using natural principles and green technologies available to us all, we can save the world.

As We Heal The World We Heal Ourselves.”

The list of problems caused by apathetic human behavior is growing exponentially because we are still in denial. Because we are afraid to face the truth, we are afraid to get upset, we are afraid we might offend someone . . . we are simply afraid to take control of our own lives.

That’s why capitalism runs to socialism when it’s in trouble, yet without the entrepreneurial spirit, free enterprise and venture capital raised by small businesses and individuals . . . we are at the mercy of Marxist and corporate ideologies.

Policy must be based on scientific evidence rather than political propaganda and special interest groups. Let’s follow the facts to the money here . . . the presence of therapeutic drugs has been detected in your environment. Pharmaceutical companies have been reaping thousands of billions of dollars in profits, yet there seems to be zero accountability for the death and destruction they have caused.

My concern is even if the original chemical compound is not detected in the environment, the degradation by-products may be even more toxic. The effects of these pharmaceuticals, their metabolites and degradation products need further and more extensive studies.

Why not make Big Pharma pick up the tab?

There is no doubt of the adverse effects of pharmaceuticals on mammals, yet we know nothing of the negative effects on other life forms.

Here are some biological life functions that can potentially be harmed by chemical contamination of our watersheds:

  • Hatching success
  • Development
  • Reproduction
  • DNA/RNA Biomarkers
  • Hormonal balance
  • Protein (epigenetic)
  • Immune system

Up to this point drug companies have put the blame on people, stating all these drugs come from urine and excrement in our sewer systems. Albeit some of the contamination is accredited to human waste . . . yet recently there is new evidence that pharmaceutical companies are dumping tons of narcotics and painkillers into the environment directly.

Again, follow the money to the cause of the problem. Apparently the bureaucratic red tape is too expensive and “proper” disposal is just too expensive for these mega drug corporations to comply too.

Apparently if you are not registered with the DEA or a police officer, you can not legally dispose of medical drug waste, so they just dump it. It’s simply cheaper for hospitals to dump drugs down their drains than to go through the paper work and pay the thousands of dollars to do it legally. Perhaps that’s why thousands of tons of needles, biological and medical wastes are dumped into our lakes, waterways and oceans every year.

We live in a time where congress has taken away our Constitutional rights for the sake of security and yet we have no defense to our own ignorance. Who knows, in the present age of potential terrorist attacks, who is protecting us from “enemies within” our borders?

If you’re not upset, you’re simply not paying attention.

I’m only here to help.

Tod Faassé

The Blue Green Revolution Toward One Organism

The old models are failing because they are based on the incorrect assumption that nature can be controlled. Whether they are political, financial or environmental models when they ignore natural laws they are doomed.

Ignorance isn’t bliss, it’s death.

There is a psychological movement to return to the ancient wisdom of our ancestors, a blue green revolution toward one world organism.

Today evidenced based science is confirming an undeniable interconnectedness between all ecosystems environmental and biological, no matter how big or small.

It’s become obvious that corporate greed has forgotten the value of the individual, but first it left behind the respect for the sacred. The human race has a long history of exploitation of indigenous societies and natural resources. The good news is for every problem we create there is a built-in solution. Albeit we have extreme problems requiring extreme solutions and we will need a new way of thinking outside the constructs that caused them.

The current management system seems unwilling to change and it’s hurdling for disaster. The water tables are dropping, vast ice formations are disappearing and the quality of our world is deteriorating in exponential proportions. We are experiencing the hottest temperatures on the planet in 1 million years and more than 100,000 species become extinct annually.

We the people need to control our thinking and demand a new world curriculum. The first thing we need to do is secure our position at the top of the food chain. We must support global stewardship by “properly managing” all ecosystems starting with the smallest, simplest source of life and moving upward.

I propose starting with the most nutrient rich food source on the planet . . . phytoplankton.

I’ve found more than 100 references from scientists all around the globe suggesting a single-celled blue green algae called spirulina could solve 70% of the worlds hunger and health issues.

This easy to grow food source has verifiable anti-viral activity that inhibits HIV-1 replication in human T-cells, blood cells and Langerhans cells. Spirulina is a rich source of vitamins, minerals and proteins, as well as newly recognized “super-sugars” called glyconutrients. In fact another study showed these same “super sugars” in spirulina inhibited the replication of several viruses.

Here’s a short list of viruses this simple food inhibited:

  • HIV-1
  • Herpes simplex virus type 1
  • Human cytomegalovirus
  • Measles virus
  • Mumps virus
  • Influenza A virus

Extracts were taken from about 600 strains of algae, representing some 300 species and approximately 10% of them caused significant reduction in the effect of viruses on cell health.

Keep in mind that Spirulina contains more protein by weight than meat and contains large amounts of vitamin B6. With 30,000 people dying from starvation everyday, I propose funding global initiatives to reverse this silent holocaust with Spirulina micro-farms.

Let’s look a little closer . . .

One thing is for sure, the mainstream media won’t tell you the benefits of these miraculous blue green algae. If they did pharmaceutical companies would simply go out of business.

Here’s another miracle . . . spirulina has anti-cancer qualities! That’s right it has the ability to reverse oral cancer (leukoplakia).

An Indian study revealed complete regression in as many as 57% of their subjects. This was the first study testing chemo-preventative potential of spirulina; we need more of these types of studies.

If the evidence is so astounding why doesn’t the FDA allow us to announce it? Well maybe it’s because the drug companies have them in their pockets. “They” tell you only drugs can cure, prevent and treat disease so you’ll buy their products . . . it’s that corrupt.

Meanwhile millions of people are dying from starvation and diseases caused by under-nutrition, everyday.

Here’s a list of 12 major problems we can help solve with this simple blue-green miracle:

  1. Cancer prevention
  2. Viral infections
  3. Diabetes reduction
  4. Hypertension reduction
  5. Anemia prevention
  6. Kidney function
  7. Liver function
  8. Digestive function
  9. Immune function
  10. Radiation protection
  11. Heart disease prevention
  12. Malnutrition reduction

Mama Nature has the solution!

Scientists estimate spirulina has been a vital planktonic food source for more than 3.6 billion years and many people haven’t even heard of it. It’s full of beneficial phytonutrients, antioxidants and key functional nutrients. Plus it is the most ecologically efficient crop providing more nutrition per acre than any other food. 1 gram of blue green spirulina has more nutritional value than 100 grams of spinach.

Composition varies but the profile of spirulina reveals an “average” of 54% protein, 23% carbohydrates, 8.6% lipids, not to mention the vitamins, enzymes, minerals and glyconutrients . . .

The United Nations World Food Conference in 1974 applauded spirulina as the “best food for the future.”

So while the old school systems are crumbling all around us we need to prepare a new foundation for a better world, but first we need a paradigm shift of awareness. The solutions are all around us . . . all we have to do is begin to show “genuine care” for ourselves, and the connections that make us one world organism.

I’m ONLY here to help,

Tod Faassé

The botanical guru

A New Map for a Healthier and Wiser World

Your body is a collective community of more than 60 trillion cells. Every cell in your body is a complete biosphere with its own nervous system, digestive system and reproductive system. In fact each cell has an equivalent function for every system in your body including its own brain and environmental sensors, much like taste, smell, sight, hearing and touch.

Basically the general public is unaware of this revolutionary paradigm. By the time scientific discoveries go through the media process they are twisted and skewed beyond recognition. The impact of having misinformation pipelined unto the masses in this way is responsible for many social and medical woes we suffer from.

Like your body, once communication breaks down disease takes hold. Society, the environment and your cellular body share the same connections. These hidden connections are natural principles that when broken have consequences that must be acknowledged.

The old map is no longer useful to us. It is as if we are lost in the wilderness without a compass and nothing but a highway map, which of course is useless. By simply looking at the state of our health, society and environment, it’s as if there’s a disconnection from any sense of responsibility or sense of harmony.

The problem is that our educational system is based on old school thinking. Because of this incomplete way of thinking we have gradually abandoned the ancient time-tested wisdom of our ancestors who lived in harmony with the natural principles that would save us.

Natural principles represent the laws of true action rather than hypothetical theories and trends. In nature there is a time to plant and a time to harvest all governed by the cycles and signs of the seasons, tides and planets.

We need to get deeper involved in our lives to rediscover our inner compass and follow a true direction. This old school mentality has proven itself irresponsible and self destructive. The mind set that says we can use everything up and give nothing valuable back, has to go. Already too many generations were taught it’s okay to sit back and enjoy the ride until the last minute and then look for a quick fix.

I think it was Albert Einstein that said if we continue to do the same thing yet expect a different result, we are insane . . .

What if the farmer didn’t milk his cow’s everyday, or if he planted his crops in October? Do you think he could “cram” it all in when ever he felt a sense of urgency?

Important things like relationships, ecospheres and biospheres all demand a deeper level of intelligent stewardship. The environment, society and your health depend on your deeper commitment as well.

There is evidenced based science that our oceans are dying, our land is sterile and the atmosphere is scorched. We have been topping mountains, clearing our last rain forests and damming once vibrant waterways for more than a hundred years. Now our bees are vanishing, our coral reefs crumble and our soils blow away in the wind.

Simultaneously our communities are riddled by disease, poverty and crime. All this is because we have allowed ourselves to be lost.

Cast aside the false assumptions and take up a new paradigm. Like the 60 trillion single cells you call your body, you need to awaken to a common goal, a kind of internal diligence, to devote yourself to something bigger than just you . . . a personal revolution that waits for no one.

We must bust the old myths, pull out a better map and use the laws of nature to guide us home. This empowering information is meant to correct the confusion caused by the false assumptions that imprison us.

We have the ability to influence the unfolding of our lives and the healing of our world. We simply need to gain an understanding of natural forces so we can join in harmony with it.

War does not heal society, greed will not heal the environment and pharmaceuticals do not heal the body. Decide to be part of the problem or part of the solution, you cannot be both, whether for social, physical or spiritual healing your body is a mirror of your world.

“You are the world and the world is you.” J. Krishnamurti

I’m only here to help

Tod Faassé

The Botanical Guru